BitiCodes Review

Can BitiCodes Trading Platform Be Trusted? Let's Find Out 【2022】



Many people are interested in tapping into the online trading market since traders get direct exposure to the demand for digital currency. If you’ve been trading for a while now, you probably know a thing or two about trading bots. Various companies have developed different types of trading bots to help traders meet different trading needs.

Bots are in the rage now. Almost every trader uses this platform to make sure they buy and sell their cryptos at the opportune moment. If you’re considering settling on one, you must consider certain factors that’ll help you find the right bot. First, traders must consider their trading goals before selecting a trading bot.

Knowing your trading goal will help you pick diamonds on the rough regarding robots. Moreover, traders should have knowledge about trading bot red flags that indicate scams. The red flags will help you shun away from trading platforms trying to rip people off. 

Therefore, research and due diligence while locating a suitable robot are paramount. A good way of learning about various trading platforms is through reviews written by customers who’ve used the bot. Read this BitiCodes review to discover its features and what to expect from the platform.

Pros & Cons


  • BitiCodes has a user-friendly interface that’s easy to scale through, even without prior crypto knowledge.
  • Zero registration and subscription fees.
  • BitiCodes has simplified market research and analysis for traders to help them see the bigger picture of trade.
  • Traders have access to a demo account to backtest their trading strategies and also practice to evade hefty mistakes.
  • BitiCodes offers low commissions on transactions.


  • It doesn’t have a customer support service. 

An Overview of BitiCodes Trading Platform

The BitiCodes trading bot has recently become popular among traders. This is because of the many unique features that make it stand out from other trading bots. It’s a platform where novice and seasoned traders can successfully trade and invest. 

This trading platform understands the risks involved in online trading; therefore, it has devised means to help them access vital information for trade. Easy access to this information allows traders to get insights that help them see the bigger picture of the trading market.

What Is BitiCodes?

The following trading platform was established by renowned individuals to provide a place where both seasoned and novice traders can invest or trade. You can buy, sell, or exchange Bitcoins for other cryptos on the platform. With BitiCodes on board, a trader can easily trade at the right time due to its easily accessible market analysis. After going through its market analysis, traders are better positioned to make informed decisions.

Account Options for BitiCodes Trading Bot

  • BitiCodes has various simplified research and analysis for traders to help them make informed decisions.
  • You’ll have to deposit an account minimum to start live trading on BitiCodes.
  • Its demo account helps traders hone their skills and backtest their trading strategies.

How BitiCodes Works

The BitiCodes trading bot works by providing recommended transactions that are in line with your market position and trading strategies. You can then choose and invest in a particular transaction that makes sense to you. Moreover, you can request guidance from a broker assigned to your account.

This broker will provide in-depth analysis to help you set your market position appropriately and pick the right trading strategies. The two of you will first discuss your short-term or long-term trading goals before proceeding to the next step. Let’s look at some of the BitiCodes features.

Signing Up

Before any trading takes place on the platform, you’ll need to sign up on BitiCodes. Basically, you’ll visit BitiCodes’s website, go to the register section, and fill in the required details. Here, you’ll provide a username, phone number, and email address. Make sure these details are the ones you’re currently using for authentication.

Next is a call from your assigned account manager. This call aims to find out your trading goals, plus whether or not you’ll want to trade with the guidance of a broker or continue with the BitiCodes platform. 

Explore the Platform 

After deciding which route to take, you’ll get access to the BitiCodes account. Don’t jump straight to trading; explore the account to familiarize yourself with it. Read through the information that’s readily available on the platform. It’ll help you see the bigger picture of trading. 

Demo Account

Once you’ve attained the right knowledge from the given data, you can shift to the demo account on the platform. Here, a trader has an opportunity of practicing how to buy and sell cryptos using paper money. It’s a replica of live trading; the demo account can help you see mistakes you’re prone to make while trading. Moreover, it’s a suitable place to backtest your trading strategy before using it on the live trading market.

Trading on BitiCodes

Before any steps are made towards trading, you’ll first have to fund your trading account to make live trading accessible. It’s important to start slowly with only the account minimum and increase the amount as you gain confidence in the market. The best part is that BitiCodes allows you to fund your wallet using various payment options. Choose your most preferred payment option depending on the fees charged and convenience.

If you choose to work with an account manager, he’ll guide you throughout your trading journey. The knowledge he has will help you set your market position appropriately. Setting market positions is vital for traders wishing to minimize their losses in the long run. 

While setting up the market position, you’ll look at various factors, including the amount of money you’d like to invest, the stop loss point, and at what point you’d like the profits withdrawn, among other factors. You can then choose a trading strategy and start buying or selling Bitcoins. After making a transaction, you’ll need to keep on monitoring it at intervals to see how it’s doing on the market.

Commissions and Registration Fees

BitiCodes has made it a point to be accessible to all traders. Unlike other trading bots, it has done this by ensuring it doesn’t impose any charges during the signing-up process. You’ll, therefore, not pay any fees relating to registration. However, you’ll incur charges in the form of commissions, which are imposed on every successful transaction. Nevertheless, when you compare these commissions with those charged by other trading bots, you’ll notice that these commissions are quite low.

BitiCodes’s Withdrawal Process

The withdrawal process on BitiCodes is relatively easy and swift. First, you’ll make a withdrawal request; the platform will then want to ensure that it’s really you who want to withdraw and not some unauthorized person. Therefore, you’ll need to verify your identity, and after passing the verification process, the funds are transferred to your bank account.

Final Note!

Trading bots were developed to make trading more efficient, and you can’t say that enough about BitiCodes. It was suitably designed to meet the needs of all traders. The unique thing about the BitiCodes platform that makes it popular among traders is its simplified research analysis regarding the market.

Traders can find great insights from the information provided by BitiCodes, enabling them to see the bigger picture of trade, thereby making more informed trading decisions. If you’re interested in delving into the crypto market, it’s wise to partner with BitiCodes. Register now to start your trading journey.

Frequently Asked Questions About BitiCodes

Is BitiCodes a Legit Trading Platform?

Yes, it certainly is. BitiCodes has no red flags indicating it’s a scam, which is never the case with the other sketchy trading platforms. It tries to put traders in the best position to see the bigger picture of trade, ensuring they make informed decisions. There are no outrageous registration fees, fake promises, or slow transactions on BitiCodes; something you’d find in a sketchy trading bot.

Will You Lose Money on BitiCodes?

You’re always at risk of losing money if you’re trading on this volatile crypto market. There are days you’ll make successful investments, while other days you’ll make losses. The market always has a constant potential risk of losses.

BitiCodes understands this and strives to ensure its traders have data and analysis that’ll help them evade this potential risk as they’ll have the needed knowledge to help them make informed decisions. Always have that set it and forget it mentality when trading on this market.

Is BitiCodes a Safe Trading Platform for Trade?

The trading platform has enhanced its security protocols to ensure account safety. BitiCodes has complied with various online security bodies to help curb internet breaches and hacks, which these trading accounts are at risk of. Moreover, BitiCodes has backed every phase on the platform with verification processes to limit unauthorized people from accessing your account. Therefore, traders have peace of mind knowing that their data and money are safe.

Are Traders Responsible for Paying Taxes?

Any trader is responsible for paying taxes from profits earned. It’s, therefore, essential to plan beforehand how you’ll pay taxes before you start trading. If you don’t pay taxes, you can end up on the wrong side of the law.