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Do you need help picking an online broker? Investing and trading have always been challenging, and today is no different. Using an online broker adds convenience and makes the average person’s ability to learn how to trade more obtainable, but not all trading and investing platforms were created equal, and the online broker you pick is a big decision.

The decision of which broker to work with can be made easier with extra information and guidance that you can use to address your individual needs. This guide will break down some popular online brokers by examining the qualities and features that make a trading platform the one for you.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Online Broker

It is understandable to feel a bit overwhelmed when looking at online brokers, especially if you are becoming familiar with some of the financial language being used. The tips that follow can be a big help.

Online Broker Commissions and Fees

Commissions and fees can add up and make what could have been profitable decisions, much less so once they are deducted. Comparing the costs between brokers is a great place to start before deciding who to sign up with.

A big part of the fee structure you should consider is how well it fits with how often you plan on trading. If frequent trading is part of your plan, low trading charges are necessary. On the other hand, if you are using a broker to make investments you plan on holding on to for the long term, this may be less important.

Keep a close eye on the services, features, and tools available on the platforms you are considering and which you are most likely to use. Do they come with extra charges? Do other brokers offer the same services and tools at a lower price or for free? Remember, many bells and whistles may not be used in this stage of your trading and investing life. Leaning toward low-fee structures is a good strategy when starting with a new online broker.

Budget restrictions and trading and investing goals vary, along with levels of trading experience; if you are clear about where you are and your realistic objectives, these decisions will flow more smoothly and naturally.

Assets Available

The online broker you choose should have access to the assets you are interested in and those you are considering expanding your portfolio and trading efforts to include. A broker like eToro proves its value in this area. The platform features a variety of assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, and ETFs.

Education and Research Tools

The right online broker realizes if you succeed, they succeed. This “win-win” approach can be seen in the quality and quantity of research and education tools the broker’s platform makes available to its traders and investors.

Success in this financial space is built mainly on knowledge and experience. A broker should be working towards helping you improve your actionable trading knowledge.

Take an honest look at the education and research tools you can access. Do they impress? Are they well-reviewed by other traders who have used the platform you are considering? 

Fast and Accurate Trade Execution

One area of controversy with some platforms has been slow or paused trade transactions. The impact of being unable to count on quick and reliable order execution can be dramatic, especially for day traders.

Platforms like IG Group Holdings are well-respected for taking order execution seriously. Traders using quality brokers can count on trades being executed when put in and not after delays that cost them profits.

The Advantages of Using a Regulated Online Broker

We recommend using a regulated online broker for many reasons. These include:

  • Regulated brokers are more transparent in their trading operations.
  • Broker regulation provides increased safety for trader and investor funds on the platform.
  • Traders have greater legal recourse if something unexpected occurs.

Investors should not underestimate the value of any of these factors.

FCA information about a firm, or an individual at a firm in the UK

go to:

A Quick and Easy Way to Confirm FSCA Authorization

The FSCA website has an online tool that allows users to check a broker’s FSCA authorization in minutes.


Best Online Brokers 2023

Your decision of which online broker to use is essential to your trading and investing success. A critical factor in earning reliable profit is ensuring broker fees are manageable and that your broker provides the tools to help you improve as a trader. Using the right online broker is a must if you want to perform optimally. 

Let’s take a look at four of the top platforms:


The eToro platform has close to 30 million users. The online broker has positioned itself as the top “social investing platform” where the community is a crucial focus. Traders can see and duplicate trades made by high-profile users like Jordan Boer and Zheng Bin.


Breakthrough Platform

The international platform is innovative in its approach to leveraging the community to help investors make better decisions, and its social investing aspect is unmatched in the industry and is accessed by users worldwide.

Trader Training Tools

A virtual trading account allows all users to simulate trades without spending money. Virtual trading is a proven training method that can provide a risk-free experience in a realistic simulated environment.


Limited ETF Choices

Around 200 ETFs are available on eToro, less than 10% of the ETFs active in the United States today.

IG Group Holdings

If experience is King, IG Group Holdings deserves a crown. The UK-based broker has been operating for over 40 years and has built a remarkably positive reputation. The well-respected, highly-rated platform is best known for its forex and cryptocurrency trading and investing options.



Financial authorities in the UK, the UAE, Japan, South Africa, the European Union, and many other significant markets regulate IG Group helping the broker build trust.

Proprietary Web Trader

IG Group’s web trader wins consistent rave reviews from users and includes automation options for professional traders and a reliable mobile version.


Support Issues

While IG Group gets a thumbs up for its enthusiastic support from its large community of users, its official support channels are often criticized.

Fidelity Investments

For the last few years, Fidelity Investments has been consistently among the top two or three recommended online brokers suggested by a long list of trading experts. We see some room for the broker to grow to maintain that position, but for an American trader, there is much to love about the platform.


Order Execution

You can count on fast and dependable order execution.

Excellent Education Material

The platform is stacked with resources to help you understand trading and investing
inside and out.

Fractional Shares Trading

The platform has over 7000 EFTs and US stocks that can trade fractionally.


Exclusively American

Only US citizens can use the platform.

High Fees

The platform’s broker-assisted trade charges are high for the industry.


When option platforms are discussed, tastyworks is an online broker almost always in the conversation. The platform is considered a dominant force in the options niche, where it is the favorite of high-volume options traders who appreciate its near-singular focus.


Options Trading Education

tastyworks has first-class options trading information and educational material.

Options Tools

The platform has five-star tools for monitoring and making options trades.

Copy Trader Community

Social features available on tastyworks allow the following of big-name option traders who also use the online broker.


Minimal Investment Options

The platform is not a good choice for those who wish to explore diverse investment strategies.

Almost No Retirement Resources

If you are planning your retirement investments, tastyworks is not a good choice.

Not New Trader Friendly

The lack of news and other analysis makes the online broker difficult to use for new traders who would like to improve their knowledge and skills while staying well-informed.


A strong choice in what online broker you use will help you make more money from your trades and give you resources that can further your trading education and help build your investing skills. Use discretion and common sense, and you will be much more likely to achieve your goals. Keep in mind some of our suggestions above.


Is trading in Forex and cryptocurrencies risky?

Yes, it can be. It is critical that you understand the risks involved in trading and investing. It is also crucial to not over-invest and always stay within your comfort zone.

Is trading regulated?

The specifics vary according to your location and what you are trading. We recommend using regulated online brokers.

What payment methods should I look for?

Most online brokers will offer several electronic payment options. Picking a broker who accepts your preferred method is the easiest choice, or if you want to use a broker who doesn’t, you can see if signing up for the method they do use is an option.

Should I look for bonuses?

Bonuses can bring in some extra cash and be a fun element of using a broker, but we don’t feel that should be a primary factor when choosing a platform to trade with. Treat bonuses as bonuses, not the foundation on which you build your trading and investing.

Can You Become Wealthy by Trading With an Online Broker?

Getting rich trading is a matter of knowledge and skill, more than which online broker you use. Nobody can guarantee you trading success, and many more people fail at things like Forex than succeed. All trading and investing come along with risk and a fundamental element of unpredictability. With these factors in mind, many people build substantial wealth using online brokers to trade and invest, which is certainly possible for you.

Risk Disclaimer

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