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    Unregistered Broker
    No working email address
    Limited ways to contact
    OPEN ACCOUNT *Risk is involved with all trading actions


    • 24/7 Crypto Trading
    • Professional-grade trading tools and resources
    • User-friendly interface


    • Unregistered brokerage
    • Vague website with no specific information
    • No public fee scheduling
    InvestWise Highlights
    💰 Account Minimum InvestWise does not list their minimum amount required for account openings.
    💸 Commission Fees InvestWise does not list their commission fee scheduling publically
    💼 Investment Options InvestWise offers a wide range of investment options including cryptocurrencies, forex, indicies, and stocks.
    🤖 Robo-Advisor InvestWise does not offer a Robo-Advisor
    📊 Research and Analysis InvestWise claims to offer their customers extensive research and analysis on ever-changing market trends.
    📱 Mobile App InvestWise does not offer a mobile app.
    🏦 Retirement Accounts InvestWise does not offer retirement accounts.
    📈 Trading Platform InvestWise does not detail their trading platform publicly.
    📞 Customer Service InvestWise offers customer service via phone, email, and contact us page.
    📚 Educational Resources InvestWise claims to offer educational resources to their customers.
    🌕 Fractional Shares InvestWise does not offer fractional shares.
    🌱 Socially Responsible InvestWise does not make their specific investment options public, so they may or may not have socially responsible offerings.
    🌎 International Investing InvestWise offers international investing through the forex market.
    💳 Cash Management InvestWise does not offer a cash management account nor do they have a debit card.
    🔍 Margin Trading InvestWise Fidelity offers margin trading for customers who meet certain requirements.
    ⚙️ Options Trading InvestWise offers options trading for customers who meet certain requirements.
    ₿ Cryptocurrency Trading InvestWise offers cryptocurrency trading for certain cryptocurrencies.
    🛡️ Account Security InvestWise does not make their account security methods public.
    💹 Leverage InvestWise offers margin trading for customers who meet certain requirements.
    ⚖ Regulation InvestWise is unregulated.

    Introduction is an online investment platform that claims to offer lucrative opportunities for individuals seeking financial growth. However, there are concerns surrounding the legitimacy of the company due to its unregistered status. In this review, we will delve into the features, services, and red flags associated with, analyzing the potential risks investors may face when considering engagement with this platform.

    InvestWise Background and Company Information is an online investment platform that operates as an unregistered broker, offering various investment opportunities to individuals seeking financial growth. However, the absence of proper registration raises concerns about the legitimacy and regulatory compliance of the company.

    Established and reputable investment firms typically operate under regulatory frameworks imposed by financial authorities such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States or the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. These regulatory bodies play a crucial role in overseeing investment companies, ensuring investor protection, and maintaining market integrity.’s unregistered status is a significant red flag. The lack of registration means that the company has not undergone the necessary scrutiny and compliance checks required by regulatory bodies. This raises questions about the platform’s adherence to legal requirements, financial standards, and investor protection mechanisms.

    The company’s website mentions nothing of their background. Their “Our Story” section mentions nothing of their story and only of their goals to sell investments. promotes various investment plans that promise exceptionally high returns in short periods. While high returns can be enticing, it is important to approach such promises with caution. Legitimate investment firms typically emphasize a balanced and diversified approach, providing realistic assessments of potential returns. The absence of a detailed risk analysis or explanation of investment strategies on’s website raises concerns about the authenticity and sustainability of their investment offerings. operates as an unregistered broker, which raises significant concerns about its legitimacy and regulatory compliance. The lack of transparency, high-risk investment strategies, negative user feedback, and absence of investor protection mechanisms all contribute to the assessment that may be an illegitimate investment company.

    They have no information about their company on their own website, a very bad sign for an international brokerage.

    InvestWise User Interface and User Experience

    One of the critical aspects of any online investment platform is its user interface and user experience. It is through these elements that investors interact with the platform, manage their investments, and access essential information. Unfortunately,’s user interface falls short, offering a bare and lackluster experience to its users.

    Image Credits: InvestWise Website
    • No Mobile Capabilites: They don’t offer a mobile app of any kind either, so their website is your only way of accessing your funds.
    • Minimal Design: Upon accessing the website, one immediately notices the minimalistic design and lack of visual appeal. The interface appears outdated and lacks the modern aesthetics and intuitive design elements commonly found in reputable investment platforms. The absence of a visually engaging interface can make it challenging for users to navigate the website and find the information they need.
    • Difficulty Navigating the Site: Navigational difficulties are further compounded by the lack of clear categorization and organization of information. Key sections, such as investment plans, account management, and frequently asked questions, may be scattered or buried within the website, making it time-consuming for users to locate the desired information. A well-designed user interface should prioritize ease of navigation and ensure that users can quickly find the features and information they seek.
    • Noticeable Lack of Tools and Resources: Moreover, the lack of interactive tools or calculators to assist users in evaluating potential returns or understanding investment risks is a notable drawback. Reputable investment platforms often provide such tools to empower investors with the necessary information to make informed decisions. The absence of these tools on can leave users feeling uninformed and uncertain about the potential outcomes of their investments.’s user interface and user experience present a lackluster and uninspiring environment for investors. The minimalist design, poor organization of information, lack of interactive tools, unresponsive customer support, and absence of mobile optimization collectively contribute to a subpar user experience.

    InvestWise Trading and Investment Options purports to provide a range of investment options, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and forex. However, it is important to approach these claims with caution, considering the company’s unregistered status as an investment broker. The lack of proper registration raises doubts about’s ability to deliver legitimate investment services across these asset classes.

    Image Credits: InvestWise Website claims to offer investment opportunities in stocks, implying that investors can buy and sell shares of publicly traded companies. However, without proper registration and oversight from regulatory bodies, such as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it becomes difficult to determine the legitimacy of the stock trading services offered by

    Image Credits: InvestWise Website

    InvestWise also claims to offer investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies, forex markets, and commodities. As with stocks, these claims should be heavily scrutinized as InvestWise is an unregistered company. Each of these investment options comes with inherent risk that is only mitigated through strict registration and regulation.

    While claims to offer investment options in stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and forex, its unregistered status as an investment broker raises significant doubts about the legitimacy of these claims. Registered investment firms typically adhere to regulatory requirements, ensuring transparency, investor protection, and compliance with market standards.

    Without proper registration,’s ability to provide secure and reliable investment services across these asset classes is questionable. Investors are advised to exercise caution and seek out registered and regulated investment platforms that operate within established regulatory frameworks to mitigate potential risks and ensure the safety of their investments.

    Crypto Trading claims to offer over 30 different cryptocurrencies on their website. They don’t have a list of the coins though, calling into question the legitimacy of their crypto sales.

    In the section of their website dedicated to cryptocurrency, they do mention that they offer extensive educational resources to anyone who doesn’t know enough about crypto to invest in it. They don’t offer those educational resources on their site, however. even mentions their strong regulatory framework and that it makes them an ideal partner for institutional investors. is unregistered and therefore unregulated.

    InvestWise Safety and Security’s lack of transparency surrounding their safety and security protocols raise significant concerns.

    1. Lack of Safety Measures: One of the critical aspects of any investment platform is the implementation of robust safety measures to protect investors’ funds and personal information. Reputable investment brokers typically prioritize security and provide detailed information about their safety protocols to instill confidence in their clients. However, does not make its safety and security protocols public, which is a significant red flag.
    2. Hidden Security Measures Too: The absence of transparency regarding safety and security practices makes it challenging for potential investors to assess the level of protection provided by Reliable investment firms often employ industry-standard security measures, such as secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, firewalls, and multi-factor authentication, to safeguard clients’ sensitive data and financial transactions. Without clarity on the safety protocols implemented by, investors are left in the dark about the platform’s commitment to protecting their information and funds.
    3. No Registration is Risky: The unregistered status of raises additional concerns about the company’s adherence to regulatory guidelines related to safety and security. Registered investment brokers are typically subject to regulatory oversight and required to meet certain standards to protect investor interests.
    4. Uncompliant Brokerage: Compliance with regulatory frameworks helps ensure the implementation of robust safety measures and enhances investor confidence. The unregistered status of suggests a lack of accountability and oversight, leaving investors exposed to potential risks and vulnerabilities.
    5. No Security for your Data: Investors should also consider the risks associated with providing personal and financial information to an unregistered broker. Trusted investment platforms go through rigorous due diligence processes to ensure the protection of their clients’ data. However, the absence of registration with appropriate regulatory bodies raises doubts about’s commitment to data protection. Without proper oversight, there is an increased risk of data breaches, identity theft, and misuse of personal information.’s lack of transparency regarding safety and security protocols, combined with its unregistered status, raises significant concerns about the platform’s ability to provide a secure investment environment.

    The absence of public information regarding safety measures, adherence to regulatory guidelines, and data protection leaves investors vulnerable to potential risks and compromises. It is advisable for investors to prioritize platforms that are registered, transparent, and subject to regulatory oversight to ensure the safety and security of their investments and personal information.

    InvestWise Customer Support and Education

    Customer support and education are vital components of any reputable investment platform. However,’s offerings in these areas appear to be lacking, raising concerns about the quality and reliability of their services. provides contact information, including an email address and phone number, suggesting that customers can reach out for assistance. However, reports indicate that the provided email address does not work, leaving users with no reliable means of contacting customer support. The inability to communicate effectively with the platform raises questions about the company’s commitment to addressing user concerns and providing timely assistance.

    Furthermore, the lack of readily available educational resources on’s website is a significant drawback. Reputable investment platforms often offer educational materials, including articles, tutorials, or webinars, to empower investors with knowledge about investment strategies, risk management, and market trends.

    However,’s failure to provide educational resources deprives users of the opportunity to enhance their understanding of investing and make informed decisions. The absence of educational content also suggests a lack of emphasis on investor education, which is typically valued by legitimate investment platforms.

    The combination of ineffective customer support and the absence of educational resources indicates a lack of commitment to user satisfaction and empowerment. Established investment firms prioritize responsive customer support, providing prompt and helpful assistance to address queries and concerns. Additionally, they invest in educational resources to equip investors with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful investing.’s customer support services, hindered by non-functional email contact and potentially limited communication channels, fail to meet the expectations of reliable investment platforms. The absence of educational resources on their website further limits users’ ability to enhance their investment knowledge.

    Investors seeking a platform that prioritizes customer support and education should explore reputable alternatives that offer responsive assistance and comprehensive educational materials.

    InvestWise Fees

    Image Credits: InvestWise Website

    InvestWise does not make their fee scheduling information public. Transparency in fee scheduling is a crucial aspect of any legitimate investment platform. Investors need to have a clear understanding of the fees they will incur when using a particular service or engaging in investment activities. Unfortunately, does not make its fee scheduling public, which raises concerns about the platform’s commitment to transparency and investor trust.

    Fees Breakdown

    InvestWise may charge a range of fees for trading and investing on the platform. These fees can include commissions, spreads, and other charges depending on the type of financial product being traded. Overall, fees on the platform may be generally competitive with other online brokers, and are not transparently listed for users to review.

    The absence of publicly available information regarding fees makes it difficult for potential investors to assess the costs associated with using’s services. Reliable investment platforms typically provide comprehensive fee schedules that outline charges for various services, such as account maintenance, deposits, withdrawals, and trading activities.

    Transparent fee structures enable investors to evaluate the costs and make informed decisions about their investments.

    InvestWise Conclusion

    While InvestWise may claim to be one of the leading brokerages online, further inspection reveals that might not be true. They’re an unregistered, unregulated broker, which should raise several red flags for anyone concerned as to how they might be getting their money back.

    They claim to offer many investment options, including crypto, indices, commodities, and stocks. They do not list exactly what they offer within those options, just that those options are included. InvestWise does not offer a reliable means of quick communication, potentially leaving their customers in the dark.

    Unregistered brokerages are risky to invest with. We recommended a registered, regulated broker to handle your investment.


    How can you contact InvestWise?

    InvestWise has a phone number, email address, and general contact page on their website. Reports indicate the email address does not work, so you may be forced to use the phone or contact page for assistance.

    Does InvestWise offer crypto?

    Yes, InvestWise claims to offer over 30 different cryptocurrencies but does not specify as to which ones.

    Can you create an account with InvestWise in America?

    Unfortunately, InvestWise does not offer their services to those residing in America.

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