STELLANTIS N.V – (NYSE: STLA) Stock forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 – 2030

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This article explores the stocks for Stellantis NV and forecasts how the company’s assets will perform in the coming years. 

Even though our predictions are not absolute, our statistical methods are reliable and give you insight for excellent decision-making when trading STLA stocks.


Stellantis is a worldwide automobile and mobility supplier that provides clean, cost-effective, and safe solutions. 

The depth of the company’s iconic brand portfolio, the variety and enthusiasm of its workforce, and its strong relationships with the communities in which it operates are its strengths. 

Stellantis started in 2021 from a 50-50 cross-border partnership between the French PSA Group and the Italian-American giant, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Its head office is in Amsterdam, with other offices worldwide.

In 2021, it was the fifth-largest carmaker concerning vehicle sales worldwide, after Volkswagen, Toyota, General Motors, and Hyundai.

As consumers embrace connectivity, electrification, autonomous driving, and shared ownership, the company’s portfolio of brands is ideally situated to provide cutting-edge and environmentally friendly solutions.

Stellantis has 14 automotive brands ranging from pickup trucks, SUVs, and commercial vehicles to luxury, premium, and mainstream passenger cars. The charisma of its founders embeds a fierce sense of competition and enthusiasm in its culture.

Its workforce is a collection of bright and diverse people from all over the world who bring their enthusiasm and experience to work daily. 

Even though it is an international company, it still has strong roots in the areas where it does business and where our employees live and work.

The company has the potential to continually exceed the changing needs and expectations of customers in more than 130 markets. These impressive estimates generate value for all stakeholders thanks to its industrial operations in several countries.

Stellantis N.V. has received support from experts and has so far produced impressive results in 2022, with a 29% growth in sales in the third fiscal quarter of that year.

According to an average of previous analyst price estimates and a November closing price of approximately $15, there is a possible upside in the shares.

However, as 2023 approaches, the car industry faces a grim future due to deteriorating economic factors in the second half of the 2022 fiscal year and rising borrowing costs.

It is advisable to “sell” shares of the company due to economic challenges and concerns about some components of STLA’s 2030 strategy.

STELLANTIS N.V Stock forecast 2022

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Do you intend to purchase Stellantis stocks before 2022 ends? You must first understand how the pricing has changed throughout the year to help you make the best decision for the months left within the year. 

As a short-term trader, this can help you determine whether purchasing an STLA stock is viable. Additionally, it will assist you in timing your actions precisely to increase your likelihood of success.

Several factors have hit the Stellantis N.V. (NYSE: STLA) stocks hard this year. These include high inflation, semiconductor shortage, geopolitical uncertainty in Europe, etc. Despite all these, the company has performed well compared to its peers in the industry. 

Data from the first half and third quarter of the 2022 fiscal year give a clearer picture of this claim.

Highlights of the First Half of the 2022 Fiscal Year (1H FY ‘22)

STLA’s net sales for the first half of fiscal year ’21 were $75 billion, a bit shy of the estimated $90 billion.

All five operating regions posted double-digit margins, with an adjusted operating income (AOI) margin of 14.1%. 

The two largest markets for STLA, Enlarged Europe and North America, saw respective AOI margin outcomes of about 10% and 18%.

Respectively, this represents approximately 9% and 16% increases from the previous quarter of the first half.

Battery electric car volume increased by 50%. The firm earned the number two rank in Europe for low-emission electric vehicle (LEV) and BEV sales after selling 136,000 BEV units in the first half of FY ’22. It was also third in the U.S. for LEVs.

Stellantis generated $5.4 billion in free cash flow (FCF) in the first half of this year. 

The company’s Dare Forward 2030 objective of $5 billion in merger synergies has been reinforced with $3 billion of net cash synergies.

To put this in context, the Pro-forma manufacturing FCF for the 202 was about $6 billion.

Third Quarter Highlights for the 2022 Fiscal Year (FY)

Third-quarter revenue for this year was $43.5 billion. Sales increased by 29% Y-o-Y from the $33 billion reported in the quarter prior.

LEV and Global BEV volumes grew by 23% and 41%, respectively, year over year. The former had approximately 110,000 units, while the latter had 68,000 during the quarter.

Stellantis has a solid market share in the three biggest geographical markets worldwide. During the quarter, market shares in Europe, North America, and South America stood at 19.2%, 10.8%, and 22%, respectively.

Although shares have risen in value this month, they are still down over 20% year to date. This follows the trend for several vehicle manufacturers on the market.

Due to the low stock price, STLA is trading at values that seem low. However, investors should remember that these prices are just on the surface.

Following results for the third quarter of the 2022 FY, management reiterated its strategies for the entire quarter. 

Currently, STLA’s dividend yield is above 8%, which could lead one to believe that investors are scrambling to acquire stocks in the company.

However, despite this month’s increase in stock prices, it is clear that this is not the case. 

Earlier in the year, the numbers from STLA stocks led us to recommend the company as a “buy”. However, we cautioned readers that the position was small and advised against purchasing Stellantis stocks solely for dividend yields.

We cited worries about political stability within the company’s biggest markets and its capacity to grow outside of those. Additionally, we noted the potential for increased spending since the company was switching to BEV-based products.

Investors can include other factors to help them decide whether to buy STLA stocks or ignore them. However, they should apply caution with any purchase, especially as we head into 2023.

STELLANTIS N.V Stock Forecast 2020

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The Stellantis N.V. stock forecast for each month in 2023 shows an overall growth of 7.32%. This should move the price from approximately $15.78 in January to $16.39 in December. 

Most dips are expected in the first half of the year since the market will still be under recovery. All things being equal, the company’s stock prices should end the year on a solid note.

STELLANTIS N.V Stock Forecast 2024

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The Stellantis N.V. stock forecast for 2024 will behave similarly to 2023. It will begin with an increase of 2.55% and then drop almost double the gain in the subsequent month.

Stock prices will make strong gains of 2.63%, 3.09%, and 1.7% in October, November, and December. This will take the prices from $16.94 to $17.66 for the year.

STELLANTIS N.V Stock Forecast 2025

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Stellantis N.V. stock prices are expected to begin the year at $17.64 and end at $18.76.

The stocks should make little monthly gains in the second half of 2024. These will keep the prices relatively stable, making the company stocks attractive investment options for that year.

Long-Term Forecast 2030

According to analysts, the Stellantis N.V. stock price will be $95.34 in January 2030. 

It should be one of the hottest on the market because of its Dare Forward 2030 objective and the idea that the mobility industry would have shifted to electric vehicles.

In April 2030, the stock price will be $96.51 in April 2030, indicating a 4% rise over the forecast from the previous month.

The stock prices will end the year at $99.61, making it an overall gain for investors in the market.

STELLANTIS N.V Price Analysis

STLA stock currently trades at $14.65, and based on our data, the asset’s price has been falling over the last 12 months (or since its inception).

Since the price of Stellantis NV shares has been diminishing, we infer that the corresponding market segments weren’t famous then.

STELLANTIS N.V Prediction Conclusion

Investors in STLA should be concerned about management’s ability to adhere to the Dare Forward 2030 strategy plan (described above) and its related growth algorithm. The current macroeconomic challenges have introduced factors that make it more challenging.

We remind readers that STLA plans to create $310 billion in top-line revenue by the end of the decade if its net sales are 

Even though some analysts have toned down their estimates on STLA shares due to current market issues, others still see an upside.

The stocks are currently at a “sell” recommendation because 2023 may be a more challenging year for the car industry. This is because we are still somewhat critical of the BEV market estimates. 

STLA’s brand, platform, and geographic dispersion could still result in several things going right in the upcoming fiscal period.

However, it is better to be safe than sorry. The current macroeconomic uncertainty creates an unnecessary risk concerning a long-term position for investors. 


Will Car Sales in 2023 Suffer from High-Interest Rates?

Globally, especially in the U.S. and Europe, lending rates have been rising, and this pattern is supposed to harm auto sales in 2023.

Earlier in the year, STLA management claimed to have had its best average transaction price of about $50K/unit among its competition in the United States. 

The celebration was cut short in the third quarter of the 2022 financial year due to higher interest rates. These have made car purchases more expensive, thus unaffordable for many consumers. 

Since STLA generates more than half of its sales in the third quarter, don’t expect the same profit and revenue performance when it wraps up the 2022 FY early and heads into 2023.

Why Should I Be Concerned When the Performance Numbers Look Good?

This is because STLA measures the year-to-date of 2022 against “poor” comparisons.

Like other automakers, STLA saw its volumes in its core regions decline noticeably in both 2020 and 2021 as the pandemic wrecked the automotive sector.

As a result, the lower performance that mainly characterized the car industry in 2021 is bolstered by comparisons between the first half of the 2022 financial year and the third quarter.

It is necessary to point out that STLA has performed well despite 2022 being a terrible year for the mobility sector. 

However, investors would be mistaken to assume that this means management’s strategies are on track given the outstanding results witnessed thus far in 2022.

Will the Negative Outlook for STLA Stocks Persist Beyond This Year?

Given that STLA is concurrently losing market share, the negative outlook in 2022 may persist in 2023.

With reductions in Europe and North America, 2022 has not played out as some analysts predicted.

Readers should note that in the 2021 financial year, these two markets represented the majority of STLA’s total sales. The company’s stocks have been declining along with these markets.

Furthermore, comparing the third quarter of the 2021 and 2022 financial years, shows that STLA’s market share decreased by 90 basis points (bps) and 20 bps. 

This resulted in approximately 19% and 11% decreases in Europe and North America, respectively. 

It is not ideal for STLA to have decreases in its two largest markets at the same time that they are losing market share, and this does not bode well for the company’s prospects through 2023 and beyond. 

While the company was able to show strength in North America and Europe in 2022 thanks to competitive pricing and increasing volumes, the effects of rising interest rates and deteriorating economic conditions may make market conditions much more difficult going forward.

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