What Can Investors Expect from NIO’s Stock in 2023? Let’s find out

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    The outbreak of the pandemic and the environmental crisis raised questions on how we should rethink the way we live and interact with the surrounding world. 

    Mobility is one of the aspects that are more taken into consideration: governments and institutions are dealing with new rules that might force citizens to make a change in the way they travel every day – the European Union, for instance, discussed a new law to stop the sales of non-zero-emission vehicles by 2035. 

    For these reasons, we want to take stock of the current situation of the electric vehicles – EV – market, and we chose NIO to take the opportunity to draw conclusions about the whole market. We chose NIO because it is a valuable example of stock issued by one of the companies committed to delivering products based on innovative and smart technologies.

    In our NIO stock forecast for 2023, we will analyze the stock from fundamental and technical perspectives, considering possible risks. 

    A comprehensive forecast is important not only for NIO investors who would like to know more about the possible outcomes of their investment, but also to understand the market from a general point of view, which can help in understading the macroeconomic factors that can affect a market included in a more globalised vision.

    NIO Forecast for 2023

    For the short run, electric vehicles production is going to face several challenges in 2023. 

    The current global economic and financial conditions seemed to halt a market that had impressive growth in 2022: according to the data shared by S&P Global, sales of electric vehicles rose by 36% last year. 

    The largest market for what concerns EV is China, but since the Chinese government stopped issuing subsidies for buyers, the production might face tough times in 2023 – even if new policies are expected to stimulate a market that, according to analysts, won’t stop growing in the long run, especially because of the experience accumulated in the production and distribution of these vehicles. 

    Moreover, the higher inflation, the choices of regulators to raise interest rates in the US, and the high possibility of a recession in the second half of 2023, might mean that buyers will shift towards other priorities. 

    Being a Chinese company, NIO might be challenged by the end of subsidies, and by the crisis started in the Western world. 

    We also need to consider that Nio is seen as a top player in the EV market – to the extent that Nio is often referred to as the ‘Tesla of China’. 

    Founded in 2014 in Shanghai, the company was formerly known as NextEV before changing its name in 2017. In 2018, the company went public and was listed on the NYSE – its stock is traded under the ticker NIO. 

    We considered all these elements to arrive at our NIO stock forecast for 2023, along with a technical analysis based on the past performances of the stock and a fundamental analysis of the company. 

    For our fundamental analysis, the market capitalization of the NIO stock currently amounts to over $14 billion. The P/S – Price to Sales – ratio, the ratio that compares the price of a stock to the revenues of the company that issues the stock, amounted to 2.18 in 2022. This low ratio signals an undervaluation of NIO stock. 

    Moreover, the company managed to keep the level of its assets above its liabilities – signaling lower levels of risks related to the management of the company. 

    Currently traded at just over $9, the price of NIO stock witnessed the final leg of a downtrend in the second half of 2022, to enter in a sideways movement that we can still observe. 

    A sharp correction saw its price drop by 85% from its high reached in January 2021. 

    The current price also corresponds to high levels of trading volume – witnessed at the $9.9 price level. 

    All these factors lead us to make a NIO stock forecast for 2023 that can see the price moving towards a new uptrend that should not fully develop in 2023, and that should lead the price to around $20 by the end of this year. 

    Our forecast is in line with forecasts made by other analysts who see the future price of NIO at around $19. More moderate forecasts see the price of NIO around the current price level – from $8 to $10.

    Of course, no forecast can exactly tell how the price of a stock will develop in the future, and in all cases, you should do your own research and take measures that can help you to manage risk. 


    NIO is one of the top companies in the electric vehicles – EV – market. This market is currently challenged by external economic factors and decisions that affected the production and growth of EV – namely, the end of subsidies in China (the largest EV market), rising inflation and interest rates, and higher risk of a recession. 

    Despite the challenges faced by this sector in 2023, our NIO stock forecast for 2023 suggests that the price of NIO should rise in 2023 – to reach around $20 by the end of 2023, a level at which the price of the stock previously met a resistance level and high levels of trading volume. We arrived at this forecast thanks to technical and fundamental analyses – based on previous prices and on the financial health of the Nio company.

    More moderate forecasts see the price of the stock stable for the entire 2023 – between $8 and $10.

    In any case, it is important to do your research and consider any possible risks before investing.


    What is Nio?

    Nio is a publicly traded Chinese company focused on the production of electric vehicles using innovative technologies.

    Is the EV market risky?

    The end of Chinese subsidies to EV buyers, as well as a rising competition, higher interest rates and inflation, hit the EV market, which experienced a slowdown if compared to the growth witnessed during 2022.

    What are the NIO stock forecasts for 2023?

    Our forecast suggests that the price of NIO should reach a resistance level at around $20 by the end of 2023. Other forecasts predict that the price of the NIO stock will remain in the current price range – between $8 and $10.

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