Gold Resource Corporation (GORO) Stock Analysis

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At the time of writing this technical analysis, Gold Resource Corporation (GORO) shares were priced at $1.6900, 3.68% above their value at the last market close.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

During the last week of trading, Gold Resource Corporation’s shares have risen from $1.5900 to $1.6900 in a four-day winning streak.

However, its stock is still below the highest price reached during the holiday-shortened week, as it closed at $1.7200 on Wednesday, November 23.

Technical Analysis

From November 28 to December 1, Gold Resource Corporation’s stock increased. On the last trading day alone, its price rose more than 3%, going from $1.6300 to $1.6900.

In other words, this gold and silver producer has seen its shares rise four days in a row. Furthermore, on the last trading day, the value of its stock fluctuated around 5.7%, reaching 1.7450 at its highest peak and closing at the highest price for the week.

However, Gold Resource Corporation outperformed during the holiday-shortener week, reaching a price of $1.7200 on Wednesday, November 23, one day before the market closed for Thanksgiving.

During that same week, specifically on Tuesday, November 22, Gold Resource Corporation’s stock reached $1.7000 after a significant rise from $1.6200 on Monday.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

The gold and silver producer’s market behavior has been similar for the rest of the month, hovering between $1.6300 from November 08 to $1.7100 on November 10. For the rest of the days, price variations were minimal.

However, Gold Resource Corporation’s stocks were below $1.6000 in the first week of November. During the month’s first trading session, the company’s shares plummeted from $1.6400 at its open to $1.5700 at its close.

The slide continued the next day as GORO stock plunged as low as $1.5200 on November 2-3 before recovering slightly to break above $1.6300.

In October, Gold Resource Corporation’s stock market behavior was similar, but its shares reached $1.8000 on October 6 after hovering above $1.7000 for four days.

On December 1, when the stock price fluctuated considerably to close at $1.6900, the stock volume was 632,223, considerably higher than the 480,200 the previous day.

However, it’s essential to analyze other related aspects. Gold Resource Corporation reported a loss of $0.11 per share on revenue of $29.03 million in this year’s third quarter.

According to information published on the company’s website, the $9.7 million loss in the third quarter resulted mostly from lower precious metal prices and higher depreciation expenses from a lower mineral reserve base.

During the same period, Gold Resource Corporation sold 5,478 ounces of gold and 225,012 ounces of silver for a total equivalent of 8,042 gold ounces.

In addition, this gold and silver producer sold 2,943 tons of zinc, 282 tons of copper, and 1,056 tons of lead in the third quarter of 2022.

However, Gold Resource Corporation’s president and CEO Allen Palmiere said the company had focused on implementing safety programs as its top priority for the past two years, hoping to address ventilation and ground support issues.

Working under that disciplinary approach impacted production volumes, exploration, and mine development. However, the company is still on track to meet its guidance by 2022, Mr. Allen said on October 31.

The company’s president and CEO explained that the producer is putting safety first at the temporary production cost.

Gold Resource Corporation (GORO) Analysis Conclusion

While the shares are not overly priced and have been down several times in recent months, Gold Resource Corporation’s stocks have received “buy” and “hold” ratings by multiple Wall Street analysts this year.

Based on our prediction and analysis system, we believe this gold and silver provider’s shares may rise considerably next year, especially if the company meets its production and earnings estimates through 2022.

Furthermore, Gold Resource Corporation operates in one of the most stable industries in the market. Therefore, while its shares don’t typically move sharply and could yield only long-term gains, it’s worth considering as an investment option.


Could Gold Resource Corporation’s Shares Get to $5?

Yes! We believe Gold Resource Corporation’s shares can rise sharply and over 100% by 2023.

Are Gold Resource Corporation’s Stocks a Good Investment?

Based on our prediction and analysis system, we believe that Gold Resource Corporation’s shares are a good investment option. However, every alternative has risks, and you should determine if it fits your strategy before making a decision.

Could Gold Resource Corporation’s Shares Reach $5 This Year?

Based on our estimates, we believe Gold Resource Corporation’s shares may rise slightly this year but could reach $5 in 2023.

Risk Disclaimer

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