ChargePoint Holdings, Inc. (CHPT) Stock Forecast

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    The shift to sustainable transportation has become more notable in the past decade, and the demand for EV charging stations has been on the rise. ChargePoint is a market leader that focuses on facilitating mass electric vehicle adoption. The company’s stock CHPT has recently attracted media attention following exciting news and reports ChargePoint has shared.

    ChargePoint is widely regarded as the largest EV charging network in the U.S. and one of the world’s largest operators of independently owned EV charging stations. However, while CHPT is recognized as a leading player in the high-growth EV charging industry, some have raised concerns about the market’s high volatility and its impact on the company’s performance.

    This article aims to analyze some of the crucial factors that could impact ChargePoint’s performance in 2023, offering readers valuable insights to enhance their understanding of the company’s future prospects.

    CHPT Stock Forecast for 2023

    ChargePoint Holdings, Inc. was founded in 2007 as an EV infrastructure company. Since then, they have become one of the world’s largest networks of EV charging stations. ChargePoint has over 200,000 public charging ports that are currently in use, primarily in North America and Europe. With the ChargePoint app, drivers can also access an extra 355,000 ports through roaming, adding up to a total of more than 500,000 charging ports.

    ChargePoint is looking to capitalize on the ever-growing electric vehicle market, and as an industry leader, they are a strong contender for success. The company became public in February 2021, and its stock CHPT has garnered a lot of attention lately from intriguing announcements.

    To better understand ChargePoint’s overall performance and potential for growth and profitability, we will conduct a brief analysis of the company’s financial health. The latest official financial report the firm has shared is for the third quarter (Q3) of the fiscal year 2022

    For the third quarter of 2022, revenue was estimated at $65.0 million, which calculates to an increase of 79% since the previous year’s third quarter. In terms of gross margin, GAAP gross margin went up 20% since last year, ending at 25% due to product cost improvements and the impact of acquisitions. However, despite the positive numbers, the company reported a third-quarter GAAP net loss of $69.4 million. 

    ChargePoint reported on its official website that it will release its fiscal 2023 earnings report up until the fourth quarter. The company estimates a 93% year-over-year growth of $153 million compared to last quarter, 22% GAAP gross margin, and a net loss of $78 million due to higher stock-based compensation expenses compared to the previous quarter. 

    The company is positioned in a highly competitive market. Other EV charging providers, such as EVgo and the newly emerging web3 project C+Charge, want to take their part of the market share. ChargePoint has managed to solidify its position with valuable partnerships and goals to expand to other markets by offering exclusive products like energy management solutions.

    The company has strong growth potential, a solid market position as a leader, and a brilliant business model that operates in an expanding niche, which is expected to perform well in 2023. Yet, there are still many uncertainties around the CHPT stock, as supply and demand for the industry and potential regulatory changes are still challenges that need to be faced.

    The CHPT stock was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) through an initial public offering (IPO) on March 1, 2021. As of the market close on April 4, 2023, CHPT trades around $10.02 per share, with a market cap of 3.47B and a 52-week high of $20.99.

    According to CNN Business, as of April 4, 2023, 19 analysts had provided their 12-month price forecasts for ChargePoint Holdings Inc. The median target price was $16.00, with the highest estimate at $26.00 and the lowest estimate at $10.00. This indicates a possible price increase of about 59.48% for the high estimate, 37.72% for the median estimate, and approximately no change for the low estimate from the April 4, 2023 closing price of $10.02.

    External factors and current market conditions may influence CHPT’s movements in 2023. According to a recent electric vehicles market report by Statista, the revenue of the electric vehicles market is expected to reach $457.60 billion by the end of the year and $858.00 billion by the end of 2027. However, on the contrary, experts predict 2023 will be challenging for the stock market due to growing concerns about worsening inflation. In an industry with a fast-changing environment and new changes and regulations being implemented daily, the potential for upsides and downside risks for CHPT can go both ways. 

    During a recent interview with Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., Pasquale Romano, the President, CEO, and Director of ChargePoint Holdings Inc., was asked about the trends the company has observed regarding incremental customers. Romano reported, “The rebuy rate as a percentage of our revenue in the quarter was very consistent with historical norms, which indicates that the customer ad rate is holding.” This statement suggests that the number of customers adding new ChargePoint stations has not increased significantly from the previous year. While the company’s performance is still strong, the lack of growth may be concerning, especially given the rapidly growing EV industry.

    In another recent news post, the Company announced its partnership with Mercedes-Benz and MN8 Energy. They plan to expand the availability of DC fast charging stations powered by the ChargePoint network, with more than 400 charging hubs to be produced. This may drive even further mass adoption of EVs, and with valuable partnerships and collaborations in the faces of Mercedes Benz and MN8, ChargePoint may benefit from the sector even more.  


    In conclusion, ChargePoint Holdings Inc. is a leader in the electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure sector, operating the most significant EV charging network in North America and Europe. The company has a solid market position, strong growth potential, and a brilliant business model. The CHPT stock was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in March 2021 and has recently garnered market-wide attention. While the company reported impressive financial results in Q3 of 2022, the market remains highly competitive, with other EV charging providers seeking to take a piece of the market share. Furthermore, the industry is exposed to external factors and current market conditions that may influence CHPT’s performance in 2023. While ChargePoint presents promising growth prospects in the expanding EV market, the risk factor could still be high.


    Does the CHPT stock pay dividends to its owners?

    No, the CHPT stock is not a dividend stock and you will not get paid any dividends for owning shares in ChargePoint.

    How did the CHPT stock perform in the past year?

    The CHPT stock reached an all-time high of $20.99 and concluded the year with a 52-week low of $8.07.

    How is ChargePoint’s stock expected to perform in 2023?

    While stock performance can be difficult to predict accurately, 19 analysts provided their 12-month price forecasts for ChargePoint Holdings Inc. as of April 4, 2023, according to CNN Business. The median target price was $16.00, with the highest estimate at $26.00 and the lowest at $10.00. This represents a potential price increase of around 59.48% for the high estimate, 37.72% for the median estimate, and roughly no change for the low estimate from the April 4, 2023 closing price of $10.02.

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