How to Buy Miso Robotics Stock in 2023

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    In an age of technological advancement and rapid automation, Miso Robotics stands as a beacon of innovation in the robotics industry.

    As we go through 2023, the significance of Miso Robotics in its field cannot be overstated. The company has pioneered cutting-edge solutions that combine:

    • Artificial intelligence (AI)
    • Automation
    • Other tools that revolutionize the way industries operate

    The robotics industry has experienced a remarkable growth rate over the past decade, with an increasing number of businesses seeking automation solutions to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. According to industry reports, the global robotics market is projected to:

    1. Reach a value of USD 340 billion by 2025
    2. Grow at a CAGR of 25% from 2021 to 2025

    Miso Robotics, at the forefront of this growth, has carved a niche for itself with its flagship product, Flippy, an intelligent robotic kitchen assistant capable of cooking with precision and consistency. As the food service industry looks for ways to improve quality and reduce costs, Miso Robotics’ technology has gained significant traction, fostering partnerships with major fast-food chains and restaurant groups. 

    Moreover, Miso Robotics has expanded its product lineup beyond Flippy, introducing innovative robotic solutions for various industries, including retail and hospitality. This diversification strategy has positioned the company for further growth, enhancing its potential as a lucrative investment prospect.

    Table 1: Comparative analysis of miso robotics’ products

    ProductIndustry Application
    FlippyFoodservice and Fast-Food Chains
    Miso Retail RobotsRetail and Supermarkets
    Miso HospitalityHotels and Hospitality Industries
    Miso RoboShelfWarehousing and Logistics
    Miso FreshGrocery and Fresh Produce Handling

    Can You Buy Miso Robotics Stock? Is Miso Robotics Publicly Traded?

    While Miso Robotics is not currently publicly traded, there are still ways for investors to potentially participate in the company’s growth. One avenue is to keep a close eye on news regarding the company’s potential IPO or any plans for going public through other financial instruments.

    Alternatively, investors can explore opportunities in venture capital funds that may have stakes in private companies like Miso Robotics.

    So Miso Robotics is a privately-owned company and is not publicly traded on any stock exchange. Being a privately-held company means that Miso Robotics’ ownership is limited to a smaller group of individuals:

    • Founders
    • Venture capitalists
    • Private investors

    The status of Miso Robotics as a private company has several implications for investors and the general public. The following table gives an overview of the differences between a public and a privately owned company: 

    ImplicationsPrivate Company (Miso Robotics)Publicly Traded Company
    Financial DisclosureNot required to disclose publiclyRegularly publishes financial reports and statements, providing transparency to investors and the public
    Access to Financial InformationLimited access to crucial financial data, making it challenging for potential investors to evaluate the company’s performance and financial healthExtensive financial information is readily available, allowing investors to make informed decisions based on company performance
    Availability of Company StockThe absence of company stock on public exchanges restricts individual investors from buying or selling shares directlyThe company’s stock is listed on public exchanges, enabling easy buying and selling of shares by retail investors
    Investment OpportunitiesLimited investment opportunities for retail investors, typically available through venture capital funds or private equity investmentsEasily accessible to individual investors, providing a wide range of investment options through stock exchanges
    Liquidity of InvestmentsLower liquidity due to restricted trading, potentially requiring longer investment horizonsHigher liquidity with stocks readily tradable, offering flexibility in buying and selling shares
    Regulatory OversightLess public scrutiny and reduced regulatory requirementsSubject to stringent regulatory standards, providing additional investor protection
    Risk LevelsHigher risk due to limited public information and lack of regulatory oversightGenerally perceived as a lower risk due to public transparency and regulatory compliance

    For those interested in investing in Miso Robotics, the options are limited to seeking participation through venture capital funds or private equity investments, which often require higher capital commitments and may involve longer investment horizons.

    Additionally, these private investments typically carry higher risk levels than publicly traded stocks due to the lack of public scrutiny and regulatory oversight.

    Who Owns Miso Robotics?

    The ownership of Miso Robotics was primarily held by a combination of its founders, early investors, and venture capital firms. Among the key founders of Miso Robotics are 

    • Buck Jordan 
    • Ryan Sinnet

    who played pivotal roles in establishing and shaping the company’s vision and direction. Additionally, venture capital firms such as Acacia Research Corporation and Calibrate Ventures have been significant investors in Miso Robotics, providing the company with financial backing and support.

    Regarding significant acquisitions or investments in Miso Robotics, specific details are not available. However, it is common for startups and technology companies like Miso Robotics to seek funding through rounds of venture capital investment. These investments can help:

    • finance research and development
    • expand operations
    • accelerate product commercialization

    A notable investment can indicate confidence in the company’s technology and growth potential. It can also provide Miso Robotics with the resources needed to further innovate and bring its robotic solutions to new markets and industries.

    Moreover, strategic partnerships or acquisitions with established players in the food service, retail, or hospitality sectors could offer Miso Robotics access to a broader customer base and distribution channels.

    Is the Parent Company Publicly Traded?

    As of the provided information in 2023, there is no mention of Miso Robotics having a parent company. It appears that Miso Robotics operates as an independent company, leveraging partnerships and investments to fuel its growth and innovation.

    Miso Robotics has recently entered into a significant partnership with Ecolab, a prominent global sustainability leader offering:

    • water
    • hygiene
    • infection prevention 

    solutions and services. Ecolab has made a multi-million-dollar investment in Miso Robotics to support its growth and innovation in the restaurant industry.

    Here is a table summarizing key factors about Ecolab:

    Key FactorsInformation
    FormerlyEconomics Laboratory
    TypePublic company
    Traded asNYSE: ECL
    S&P 500 component
    IndustryChemicals, Service, Water Management, Food Safety, Infection Prevention
    Founded1923; 100 years ago
    FounderMerritt J. Osborn
    HeadquartersSaint Paul, Minnesota, U.S.
    Key peopleChristophe Beck (CEO)
    RevenueIncrease USD 14.9 billion (2019)
    Operating incomeIncrease USD 2.0 billion (2019)
    Net incomeIncrease USD 1.558 billion (2019)
    Total assetsIncrease USD 0.869 billion (2019)
    Total equityIncrease USD 8.685 billion (2019)
    Number of employees47,000 (December 31, 2021)

    The partnership with Ecolab is expected to open up new opportunities for Miso Robotics to enhance food safety, hygiene, and efficiency in the food industry through automation and digital solutions.

    By leveraging Ecolab’s expertise in water, hygiene, and infection prevention, Miso Robotics can further enhance the capabilities of its robotic kitchen assistant, Flippy, and other back-of-house solutions for the restaurant industry.

    Investing in Ecolab (NYSE: ECL) could potentially serve as an indirect way of investing in Miso Robotics, as Ecolab’s investment in Miso indicates confidence in the company’s technology and growth prospects.

    As a publicly traded company, Ecolab’s stock is available for purchase on the New York Stock Exchange, providing investors with an avenue to gain exposure to Ecolab’s portfolio, which now includes an investment in Miso Robotics.

    How to Invest in Miso Robotics Stock

    Investing in Miso Robotics directly through its stock is not currently possible as the company is not publicly traded.

    However, there might be an opportunity to invest indirectly by purchasing shares of partner companies or any venture capital funds that hold stakes in Miso Robotics. It is essential to research and consult with financial advisors to explore these investment options.

    While Miso Robotics is not publicly traded, there are other companies in the same industry space that investors can consider:

    1. Intuitive Surgical, Inc. (NASDAQ: ISRG): A leader in robotic-assisted surgical technology, Intuitive Surgical develops and manufactures the da Vinci Surgical System, used in various minimally invasive surgical procedures.
    1. iRobot Corporation (NASDAQ: IRBT): Known for its consumer robots, iRobot produces Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners and other home automation products.
    1. ABB Ltd (NYSE: ABB): A multinational corporation specializing in robotics, power, automation, and electrification technologies, offering industrial robotic solutions and automation systems.
    1. Fanuc Corporation (OTCMKTS: FANUY): A Japanese company that produces industrial robots and factory automation systems for diverse industries.

    Current investment opportunities shared by the industry include:

    1. ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKQ): An exchange-traded fund focused on investing in companies leading the development and implementation of transformative technologies, including robotics and automation.
    1. Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF (NASDAQ: BOTZ): Another ETF that tracks the performance of companies engaged in the development and adoption of robotics and AI technologies.
    1. Vanguard Information Technology ETF (NYSEARCA: VGT): A diversified technology ETF that includes exposure to companies in the robotics and automation sector.

    How to Buy the Miso Robotics IPO

    Miso Robotics is not publicly traded, and there is no information about an upcoming IPO. However, it is not uncommon for private companies, especially those in rapidly growing industries like robotics and automation, to consider going public through an IPO to raise capital and enable public trading of their shares.

    If Miso Robotics announces an IPO in the future, it could signify a significant milestone for the company. Going public can provide access to a larger pool of capital, increased visibility, and liquidity for shareholders. It may also enable Miso Robotics to pursue expansion plans, invest in research and development, and potentially acquire new technologies or companies to strengthen its market position.

    A step-by-step guide to buying Miso stock if it becomes available through an IPO:

    1. Open a brokerage account: To participate in IPOs, you’ll need an active brokerage account. 
    1. Check eligibility: Ensure that your brokerage account meets any eligibility requirements set by the underwriters or the company offering the IPO.
    1. Review the prospectus: The company will release a prospectus detailing its financials, business operations, risks, and other crucial information. Carefully review this document before making any investment decisions.
    1. Place an order: Once the IPO date is announced, submit your order for Miso stock through your brokerage account. IPO shares are typically offered at a fixed price, but there is no guarantee of allocation.
    1. Wait for allocation: After the IPO closes, the underwriters will allocate shares to investors. The number of allocated shares might be limited, and not all orders may be filled.
    1. Trading begins: If you receive an allocation, you can start trading Miso stock on the public market under its designated ticker symbol.

    Miso Robotics Stock Price Chart

    Miso Robotics is not a publicly traded company, and therefore, no stock price chart exists for Miso. As a privately-owned company, its stock price and valuation data are not publicly available.

    Valuation data points, such as the company’s total funding raised or estimated valuation from private investment rounds, may be accessible through reliable financial databases or official company statements if disclosed.

    However, this information might not be as comprehensive or transparent as data from publicly traded companies.


    Miso Robotics, a pioneering force in the robotics industry, remains a privately-owned company with no publicly traded company shares as of now. Investors interested in Miso may explore indirect investment avenues through partner companies or venture capital funds.

    The recent partnership with Ecolab and the potential for future IPO have garnered attention, signaling industry recognition and growth potential. 

    While Miso’s innovative technology continues to reshape the food service landscape, investors should carefully monitor developments for any opportunities to participate in the company’s growth.

    As the automation revolution progresses, Miso Robotics stands at the forefront, reshaping the future of commercial food service with its intelligent automation solutions.


    How does Miso Robotics stay ahead of its competitors?

    Through continuous innovation, advanced technology, and strategic partnerships.

    Are there any known plans or indications of a potential IPO timeline for Miso Robotics?

    No specific IPO timeline was disclosed.

    Does Miso Robotics have any outstanding debts or liabilities?

    As of the latest information, Miso does not have any outstanding debts, yet has total liabilities worth around USD 1.5 million.

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