Dorsey Changes His Mind And Openly Criticizes Musk

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The former CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, used social media to criticize the current CEO of the company, Elon Musk.

The fact that the social media used is Bluesky might just be a coincidence.

The worst of the choices of Musk, according to Dorsey, is the decision to provide paid subscriptions and verifications – something that could exclude too many people, according to the backer of the Twitter alternative.

Did Dorsey change his mind?

The tech personality Elon Musk went through tough times when he started acquiring Twitter.

The social media platform formerly managed by Dorsey was acquired for $44 billion – over $50 per share – by the CEO of Tesla.

The process wasn’t flawless. Right before the deal was closed, Musk reflected on his decision and it looked like he was about to abandon the acquisition.

This move would have cost a $1 billion penalty and finally, the deal was closed and Musk acquired the popular social media.

During the process, Dorsey backed Musk. According to the former CEO, Musk was the solution to improve the platform and make it successful again.

But less than one year after the acquisition occurred in October, the opinion of Dorsey seems totally different.

In a series of social media posts, Dorsey affirmed that he doesn’t appreciate how Musk is running the business, as he doesn’t appreciate all the changes faced by the company.

In fact, along with a number of layoffs, Musk decided to modify the social media platform, to add more paid services, and to again include personalities who were excluded before – like in the case of Donald Trump.

Many celebrities and Twitter users criticized these decisions and some of them started decreasing their presence on the social media platform.

Despite this, Musk seems extremely convinced of his choices, and his final goal is the creation of an “Everything app” that would also work as a payment platform – finally including Twitter in the category of the fintech companies.

Moreover, Musk wants to increase the number of revenue opportunities for creators – hence the need for an increased number of paid services.

If some of these choices might represent real opportunities for Twitter users, some others seem more driven by Musk’s personal preferences – like the choice to replace the Twitter logo with the famous dog symbol of the digital currency SHIB (a crypto backed by Musk and whose price was often inflated by the actions of the Tesla CEO).

All this might have led Dorsey to change his mind. While he previously was a supporter of Musk, he now affirms that he’s not happy with the choice of Musk as the CEO of the company.

“It all went south” were the words of Dorsey, who’s also the co-founder of Twitter – and still one of its shareholders.

What’s the next move for Dorsey

Jack Dorsey used Bluesky to criticize a man who might soon become Dorsey’s competitor.

Since 2019, Dorsey has backed Bluesky, a social media platform focused on the creation of a decentralized network.

He was still the chief executive of Twitter, and announced that he was planning to make Twitter a client of Bluesky. Moreover, Twitter gave financial support to the new social media.

Bluesky is considered as the Twitter alternative. Even if this new social media is still in its beta stage, some popular people are joining. To join Bluesky, people still have only two alternatives: to be invited by a Bluesky user, or to sign up to the waiting list on the official website of the platform.

The sharp criticism offered by Dorsey interestingly takes places on the Twitter alternative, and it seems that the major reason behind this new attitude of Dorsey vs. Musk is the choice to provide paid subscriptions and verification.

The series of posts on Bluesky was started by the comments of another user, and one of the replies of Dorsey was “The payment systems being used for that proof exclude millions if not billions of people”. 

Something Dorsey can’t accept, and that might definitely lead to a break in the relationship between Dorsey and Musk – always considering that it was Dorsey to suggest the involvement of Musk.

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