How To Buy Tesla Stock

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    Tesla is one of the most popular companies in the Electric Vehicle (EV) sector and green energy. 

    Founded in 2003 by Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard, who were then joined by the tech personality Elon Musk, Ian Wright and JB Straubel, the company doesn’t only focus on the creation of Tesla models, but also on the creation of green energy products. 

    The company uses highly technological solutions. Tesla is a public company listed on the Nasdaq. The stock it issues is publicly traded under the ticker TSLA. 

    In this article, we will see the features of Tesla stock, how to buy it and how it performed over the past five years.

    Tesla Stock Key Features

    • TSLA stock doesn’t pay any dividend
    • The stock is issued by the largest automaker by market capitalization
    • Tesla has split its stock two times so far
    • There are over 3 billion Tesla stocks outstanding
    • Elon Musk is the largest individual Tesla stakeholder

    TSLA Stock Over the Years – Review

    As any other stock and financial instrument, TSLA experienced downturns and uptrends over time. 

    During the last years, stocks – especially those related to the tech industry – were also affected by the pandemic. 

    In particular, tech stocks experienced an impressive surge, and then significant corrections. In the case of TSLA, we need to consider also the financial strategies adopted by the company. 

    Let’s see a detailed performance of the Tesla stock over the past five years.

    Tesla Stock in 2023

    Strong production and price cuts. 

    Right after the end of 2022, TSLA stock started a rebound. After 2022, which was the worst performing year for Tesla, the company started cutting prices on its lower priced products. Musk talked about strong demand – even if analysts noted that the company was producing more vehicles than it was actually able to sell. 

    Nevertheless, TSLA stock experienced a surge in price – the stock is currently traded above $180.

    Tesla Stock in 2022

    Downtrend and stock split. 

    As for many other tech companies, stocks recorded a negative trend in 2022. After the impressive surge due to the pandemic, tech stocks went through natural corrections over 2022. 

    Tesla followed a financial strategy to make stocks more attractive to a larger audience, especially when it comes to expensive stocks. 

    TSLA had reached over $350 in 2021. In 2022, Tesla splitted its stock for the second time: in August 2022, the company started a 3-for-1 stock split. 

    The stock closed 2022 at $123.

    Tesla Stock in 2021

    The final part of the uptrend. In January 2021, Tesla reported revenue for over $10 billion, with a positive surprise of over $271 million (+2.59%). 

    2021 was the year that recorded the last significant part of the uptrend started in 2019. The price of TSLA went from $251 to $356.

    Tesla Stock in 2020

    The effects of the pandemic. The uptrend started in 2019 developed over the entire 2020. 

    Tesla, being mainly a tech company, was hit by the effect of the pandemic that, in 2020, caused the surge in prices of the main tech companies around the world. 

    Tesla shared positive reports during the whole year. The report shared in July reported an impressive positive surprise of over $890 million in revenue (+17.30%). 

    2020 was also the year of the stock split – a 5-for-1 split started in August. 

    From the beginning of the year to the end of 2020, the stock went from $29 to $231.

    Tesla Stock in 2019

    Three consecutive negative reports.

    2019 recorded the final part of the downturn that started in 2017. The year began with a negative Earnings and Revenue report – followed by other two negative reports. Only the report of the last quarter was positive, and while the stock reached its dip in mid 2019, in June it started a rebound that resulted in the beginning of an uptrend.

    How To Invest In Tesla Shares

    Traders and investors can buy and trade Tesla shares by using regulated brokers. Shares issued by the company are not the only way to get exposure to this market. 

    When it comes to heavily tech stocks, users should consider factors related to the company itself and external factors. In the case of Tesla, users should also consider developments in the EV sector. 

    Fundamental and technical analyses help traders and investors to make informed decisions, and not only when it comes to stocks. 

    For what concerns Tesla, stocks are not the only way to participate in this market. 

    Traders and investors can choose to get exposure to derivative products. To mention some of the ways users can invest in Tesla: 

    • Tesla options – options are financial instruments that grant the right to buy or sell a financial instrument at a specific date in the future. Tesla options are based on TSLA.
    • CFDs – or contracts for difference – allow users to invest in derivative contracts whose price depends on the price of TSLA. 
    • The Tesla stock is also a part of several indexes – Nasdaq100, Russell1000 and 3000, S&P 500, to mention some of them. 

    Online brokers usually give the opportunity to get access to different types of financial instruments, including Tesla stocks and derivatives. 

    One of the online brokers available in the market is eToro, and we will use it as an example to better understand how to invest in Tesla stocks.

    How to Buy in the Tesla Shares Through eToro

    Let’s see a brief guide on how to use eToro, the online broker we’re using as an example, to invest in Tesla.

    Step 1: Sign Up Process

    By clicking the sign up button on the  homepage of the official website of eToro, or on the application of the broker, new users can sign up by entering their personal details or by using their social accounts.

    Open an Account

    Step 2: Provide your documents with the broker

    Signing up doesn’t allow users to have complete accounts. To be able to use all the functionalities of the broker, users will need to complete the verification process by providing the broker with their proof of identity and address documents.

    Proof of identity

    Step 3: Fund your account

    eToro offers a demo account, but users who want to invest in real stocks and financial products will need to deposit real funds through one of the deposit methods supported by the online broker. 

    Users can choose the amount they wish to deposit. At this point, they only need to find the stock they are interested in.

    Make a Deposit

    Step 4: Search for TSLA

    Thanks to the search bar provided by eToro, users interested in Tesla stocks can locate the stock by typing “TSLA” or the name of the company. This will lead them to the stock page, where they’ll be able to finalize the transaction.

    Step 5: Invest in Tesla

    From there, users can invest in TSLA. They’ll need to select the amount they want to invest or the amount of shares they want to buy. 

    eToro allows users to own stocks – if they buy entire shares, or to enter derivative contracts – CFDs, which don’t grant direct ownership of shares, but give exposure to TSLA.


    TSLA is the stock issued by Tesla, the highly tech company focused on the production of electric vehicles and green energy solutions. 

    The company is a relatively young company compared to other automakers – it was founded in 2003, but managed to exceed the performance of competitors thanks to the intuitions of its executives and the innovative solutions provided. Moreover, the company uses interesting marketing methods and heavily rely on the personality and popularity of Elon Musk – CEO and “Technoking” of the innovative company. 

    In this article, we analyzed the key features of the stock issued by Tesla, which is publicly traded under the ticker TSLA and listed on the Nasdaq. 

    Moreover, we added information on the ways to get exposure to this market – but it’s always up to traders and investors to choose the tool that best fits their needs.


    How to buy Tesla shares in India?

    Indian traders and investors can buy and trade Tesla shares through a broker regulated in the country, which is in line with the rules set by Indian regulators. They’ll need to sign up, complete the verification process and fund their accounts.

    How to buy Tesla stock in Canada?

    Traders and investors in Canada who are interested in Tesla (TSLA) stock will need to use a regulated broker in Canada, sign up and fund their accounts to start buying and trading stocks.

    How to buy Tesla shares in Australia?

    Traders and investors in Australia can use eToro to buy Tesla stocks. They need to sign up, complete the verification process, fund their accounts and locate the stock page thanks to the search bar to buy and trade TSLA.

    Why is Tesla stock dropping?

    Tesla stocks, along with other financial investment products, might be negatively influenced by the current general economic and financial uncertainty.

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