How to Buy Neonode (NEON) Stock: Your Step-by-Step Guide 2023

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    Source: Neonode Website

    Neonode Inc., recognized by its ticker symbol NEON, is a leading provider of optical touchscreen solutions. With a robust portfolio that spans across touch, gesture sensing, and advanced machine learning for analysis, Neonode is a leading provider of optical sensing technologies. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, the company offers both software licenses and engineering design services, making them available to a larger audience.

    Neonode (NEON) Stock Key Features

    • Neonode is listed on NasdaqCM. 
    • The stock is traded under the ticker NEON. 
    • The stock doesn’t pay dividends. 
    • The company announced a 1-for-10 stock split in 2018. 
    • The Vanguard Group is among the largest shareholders of NEON. 

    History of Neonode

    The company was founded in 1997 by Thomas Eriksson Bjorn. After a few years, Neonode started manufacturing mobile phones – in 2001, under the guidance of Magnus Goertz and Thomas Eriksson.

    Over time, Neonode has shown a strong commitment to innovation. In 2002, the company unveiled a prototype of an optical touchscreen device at the renowned German CeBit fair, highlighting its capabilities in touch technology. This innovation marked one of the first steps in the company’s path towards redefining touch interfaces.

    Source: Neonode Website

    During the following years the company released various products, but it maintained a focus on its core strength: optical touch technology – and it’s worth noting that Neonode consistently enhanced and evolved its technology portfolio.

    In 2008, Neonode encountered financial challenges, leading to a declaration of bankruptcy. However, under the leadership of Thomas Eriksson, the company recovered,  focusing on its patented zForce technology. This innovation allowed touch interaction across a variety of surfaces, further strengthening the position of Neonode in the industry.

    By 2010, Neonode’s collaborations with industry giants like Sony saw the integration of zForce technology in various products, broadening its reach in the consumer market. 2016 marked another milestone with the introduction of AirBar, a device that revolutionized the interaction with non-touch computer screens.

    Today, Neonode operates in diverse areas, including HMI solutions, HMI products, and remote sensing solutions. The company’s offerings have evolved to enable touch on any surface, in-air interactions, and advanced gesture control. With over 120 patents worldwide and its technology being integrated into millions of products, Neonode confirmed its leadership in the industry over time.

    Can You Buy NEON Stock? Is Neonode Publicly Traded? 

    Yes, Neonode is a publicly-traded company, since it went public in 2011. This means that the company’s stock is available for purchase and sale on public stock exchanges, allowing potential investors to acquire shares and own a stake in this company.

    Neonode’s stock is listed on NasdaqCM, which stands for the NASDAQ Capital Market. The NASDAQ Capital Market is one of the three market tiers of the NASDAQ, serving early-stage companies by providing them an opportunity to gain access to public capital. Being listed on the NasdaqCM implies a certain level of transparency and regulatory compliance for Neonode. This is because companies on this exchange are required to meet specific financial and governance standards, ensuring a degree of reliability for investors.

    However, while investing in publicly traded companies like Neonode provides an opportunity for potential financial growth, it is not without its challenges. Publicly traded stocks are susceptible to market fluctuations, which can be influenced by several factors, both internal to the company and external economic or geopolitical events. Therefore, potential rewards come hand-in-hand with potential risks.

    For anyone considering investing in Neonode or any other publicly traded company, it’s pivotal to carry out comprehensive research. Delving into the company’s financial health, understanding its market position, studying its past performance, and assessing its potential for future growth are all critical steps. Armed with this information, investors can make informed decisions, balancing the potential rewards against risks of stock market investment.

    Who Owns Neonode? 

    Being a public company, Neonode is essentially owned by its shareholders.

    If we analyze the profile of the company we can discover that the largest amount of shares is held by insiders – that is, people who cover positions within the company. 

    To be more specific, the shares owned by insiders amount to around 34% – according to Yahoo! Finance. Institutional investors only account for 4% of the total number of shares. 

    Among the top institutional shareholders we can find popular investors like Blackrock Inc. and Vanguard Group Inc. 

    Among the mutual funds that own the stock we can list Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund, Fidelity Extended Market Index Fund and Schwab Capital Trust-Total Stock Market Index Fund.

    Neonode Stock Over the Years – Review

    Over the past five years, Neonode’s stock has experienced fluctuations influenced by technological advancements and global market dynamics. The introduction of new products and strategic collaborations have influenced the performance of the stock, as well as external economic factors.

    NEON Stock in 2023

    Source: TradingView

     In 2023, Neonode’s stock was mostly stable, thanks to its continuous innovations and expansions in the optical sensing domain. New partnerships and collaborations might have influenced the stock, but it’s worth noting that the “stable” phase was just a part of a downtrend started in the first months of 2023. The worst performance was recorded in July, with a significant negative gap that finally led the price of the stock to around $3.4. 

    During the year the company shared only one Earnings $ Revenue report, with results lower than expected in terms of earnings, but a positive surprise in terms of revenue. 

    NEON Stock in 2022

    Source: TradingView

    In 2022, amid global technological shifts, Neonode managed somehow to maintain its momentum, but it’s worth noting that the stock experienced a relatively high level of volatility.

    In fact, the price of the stock moved within a large range, delimited by price levels at around $3.3 and $9.7.

    During the year the company shared quite positive financial reports, with negative surprises concerning revenue in May, August and November. 

    NEON Stock in 2021

    Source: TradingView

    2021 was for sure a challenging year for many companies, and Neonode made no exception. 

    The price moved within a quite volatile range – between $4.6 and $12.4.

    The financial reports shared by the company were tendentially negative, for both earnings and revenue. 

    NEON Stock in 2020

    Source: TradingView

    As for many other companies involved in providing tech solutions, 2020 was a positive year for the stock. 

    Neonode went through 2020 with a significant and stable uptrend, which led the price of the stock up to around $13. 

    The year began with a price low at around $1.98, so it was also a volatile year for shareholders – with positive outcomes. 

    The financial reports shared by the company tended to be negative. 

    NEON Stock in 2019

    Source: TradingView

    2019 follows the stock split of NEON. Despite this, there wasn’t a particular increase of trading volume and the price of the stock recovered just for a few months. 

    The positive peak was reached in April, with the price of NEON traveling slightly below the $4 mark, but it didn’t last long, and the price moved in a range between $1.1 and almost $4.

    For what concerns financial reports, the company recorded positive results in March and positive earnings in September. 

    How To Invest In Neonode Shares

    Investing in Neonode shares presents several opportunities for potential investors, not just limited to direct stock purchase. While the most direct and straightforward method remains buying the company’s stocks, various other financial instruments allow for diversified strategies and risk profiles when considering an investment in Neonode.

    • Options: Options provide an investor the right, but not the obligation, to buy (call) or sell (put) a stock at an agreed-upon price within a specific period. For those bullish on Neonode, buying call options might be a strategy to consider. Conversely, if one anticipates a decline, put options could be explored.
    • Mutual Funds: Mutual funds pool money from many investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of stocks, bonds, or other securities. If a mutual fund has Neonode in its portfolio, by investing in that fund, you indirectly own a piece of Neonode along with other assets the fund holds, spreading out the potential risk.
    • ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds): Similar to mutual funds, ETFs hold multiple assets such as stocks, commodities, or bonds. However, ETFs trade on stock exchanges much like individual stocks. Investing in an ETF that includes Neonode shares allows investors to have a stake in the company while benefiting from the diversification an ETF offers.
    • CFDs (Contract for Differences): CFDs are complex instruments that allow investors to speculate on price movements without owning the underlying asset, in this case, Neonode shares. Essentially, it’s a contract between the investor and the broker to exchange the difference in the current value of a share and its value at contract time. CFDs offer the opportunity to go long or short.

    In summary, while the direct purchase of Neonode shares or options might seem like the most straightforward path, other financial instruments offer alternative ways to get exposure to the company’s financial prospects. But investors and traders should always consider that each instrument comes with advantages and risks that should be evaluated according to individual needs, goals and risk tolerance. 


    Neonode Inc. is for sure an innovator in the optical sensing domain. With a rich history, global presence, and several offerings, it is considered a good investment by many traders and investors. Whether you’re looking at direct stock purchase or exploring mutual funds and ETFs, understanding the company’s trajectory and future prospects is essential. Moreover, you should always do your own research before investing.


    What is Neonode’s primary area of expertise?

    Neonode specializes in optical touch screen solutions, offering technologies for touch, gesture sensing, and advanced machine learning for analysis.

    On which stock exchange is Neonode listed?

    Neonode is listed on the NASDAQ Capital Market (NasdaqCM) and trades under the ticker symbol “NEON”.

    Did Neonode ever face financial challenges?

    Yes, in 2008, Neonode declared bankruptcy due to financial challenges. However, under the leadership of Thomas Eriksson, the company rebounded and shifted its focus to its patented zForce technology.

    Who are the top shareholders of Neonode?

    Among institutional shareholders, prominent names include Blackrock Inc. and Vanguard Group Inc.

    What are the various ways to invest in Neonode?

    Investors can purchase Neonode shares directly, buy options, invest through mutual funds that hold Neonode stock, acquire ETFs that include Neonode shares, or engage in CFD trading related to Neonode’s stock price.

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