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    The rapidly developing economy of the United Arab Emirates has led to a growing population of tech-savvy people and digital nomads constantly looking to improve their investment portfolios. Luckily, the market in the UAE for online brokerages has also been on the rise, as many global and domestic companies offer investors the opportunity to trade a wide selection of digital assets. Picking the right broker for your trading goals and needs may sometimes be tricky. That is why we have created a list of the best online brokers in the UAE for 2023, which are excellent options for novice and expert traders.

    Introduction to Online Brokers in the UAE

    Online brokers in the UAE are financial institutions that offer trading platforms and services to investors looking to access the global market and trade assets like stocks, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and more. Global online brokerages also provide exclusive services on the UAE market; thus, many traders can utilize practical tools and learning materials to execute skilled trades. The Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), which controls the securities industry in the country, regulates brokers in the UAE. Based on positive client reviews and our breakdown, the best online brokers in the UAE include IBKR,, AvaTrade, and Sarwa, all of which we will review in our comprehensive guide.

    Advantages of Using a Regulated Online Broker in the UAE

    Using the services of the best regulated online brokers in the UAE comes with perks that will advance your skills and boost your productivity. Firstly, every broker gives their traders access to a trading platform through which they can place orders. Most importantly, these platforms are packed with built-in trading tools that take ordinary trading to the next level. Secondly, UAE brokers focus on providing their clients with high-quality educational resources. With such materials, you can make better investment decisions and drastically improve your trading skills.

    Overview of the Best 5 Online Brokers in UAE – Our Top Picks for 2023 

    To make an informed decision and pick the best broker in the UAE for your daily trading activities, you can read through our list of trusted companies, which we have all closely analyzed. The online platforms below have all the key features needed to make your trading experience the best possible.

    Interactive Brokers – The Best Overall Online Broker for Investors in the UAE

    Interactive Brokers is the online broker that offers the most complete services in the UAE, with their global market access to instruments traded on low-costs, on-demand educational resources, and robust platforms and services. By going through its simple account creation process, investors in the UAE will have the advantage of utilizing the full capacity of this online broker’s benefits.

    With IBKR, you can invest in a world of opportunities by having the option to invest in stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds, and funds in 150 markets, 33 countries, and 26 currencies. Moreover, this online broker is dedicated to the best price execution and straightforward pricing, which will help you experience the lowest costs in the industry.

    Interactive Brokers has a global reputation for providing high-quality trading tools and affordable services, winning numerous awards, including Barron’s best online broker award for 2022. The educational center of IBKR is also recognized as one of the best places to learn new trading skills, gain valuable insights, and make better trading decisions.

    Account TypesIndividual Account, Joint Account, Trust Account, IRA Account, UGMA/UTMA Account, Friends and Family Advisor Account, Proprietary Trading Group Account, Institutional Account, Broker Master Account
    Supported AssetsStocks, Options, Futures, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Bonds, Currencies, Metals, Cryptocurrencies
    ToolsTrader Workstation (TWS), WebTrader, IBKR Mobile, IBKR APIs, PortfolioAnalyst, Fundamentals Explorer
    Fees & Charges$100 Minimum Deposit, $50 Inactivity Fee, $100 Administration Fee
    Mobile TradingSupported
    Overall Rating4.8 – The Best Online Broker in the UAE with a User-Friendly Mobile Trading App

    Traders in the UAE who prefer trading on the go will find’s financial services an excellent fit for their strategies, as this online broker provides one of the best mobile apps on the market. Its competitive fees, outstanding educational resources, and cutting-edge trading platforms help traders execute deals on the global market. Regarding mobile trading, is an industry leader in the UAE, thanks to its advanced CFD app and the educational application Investmate.

    Through, traders can access outstanding products for CFD trading, account types, fees and charges, educational resources, and diverse trading platforms. The company has developed the most comprehensive selection of tools for avant-garde trading, including platforms like Web Trader, TradingView, MetaTrader4, API Documentation, and even a free demo account.’s educational resources are available both on mobile and the web. They cover a wide variety of topics that will help traders in the UAE get all the information needed to become highly efficient traders.

    Account TypesStandard Account, Professional Account, Islamic Account, Corporate Account
    Supported AssetsForex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Indices
    ToolsTrading Platform, Economic Calendar, Trading Central, Trading Central, Price Alerts, Negative Balance Protection, Risk Management Tools
    Fees & Charges$20 Minimum Deposit, No Inactivity Fee, No Administration Fee
    Mobile TradingSupported
    Overall Rating4.3★

    AvaTrade- The Best Online Broker in the UAE for Advanced and High Volume Traders

    AvaTrade is the top-ranked online broker for advanced traders in the UAE, providing an unparalleled trading experience with its unique trading platforms and features. AvaTrade supports various asset types, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, indices, and options, catering to novice and seasoned traders with its flexible account types and demo trading functionality.

    This online broker seeks to inspire traders to invest with confidence by offering refined platforms and instruments like WebTrader, AvaTradeGo, AvaOptions, AvaSocial, and even MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. The software behind these instruments is highly customizable and user-friendly and provides access to technical analysis instruments, graphs, diagrams, indicators, and signals.

    AvaTrade’s proprietary and commercial trading platforms are available across all device types, allowing manual and auto-trading on various order types. By placing market orders with this provider, investors are guaranteed a seamless trading experience, thanks to its exceptional trading conditions and highest security standards.

    Account TypesRetail Account, Professional Account, Islamic Account, Corporate Account, MAM Account
    Supported AssetsForex, Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Cryptocurrencies
    ToolsAvatradeGO, MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, AvaSocial, AvaOptions, DupliTrade, AvaProtect, Economic Calendar, Trading Central, Autochartist
    Fees & Charges$100 Minimum Deposit, $50 Inactivity Fee, No Administration Fee
    Mobile TradingSupported
    Overall Rating4.2★

    eToro – The Best Online Broker in UAE for Beginners

    eToro is an online broker that became one of the most famous platforms in the brokerage industry by delivering intuitive features, access to global markets, and social trading functionality. Traders in the UAE will find eToro’s services truly convenient, as the provider will assist them in building a multi-assets investment portfolio with the help of innovative trading features.

    The online broker’s trading platform offers an extensive list of over 3000 financial instruments across various assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, commodities, currencies, indices, and ETFs. The numerous investment opportunities allow novice traders to build and diversify their portfolios, with the option to place partial orders to test the product before committing to a complete purchase.

    With eToro’s innovative Copy Trader and Smart Portfolios trading tools, the investment process has never been so straightforward. These products allow traders to copy other investors’ portfolios from the Popular investor program in real-time or get ready-made investment strategies on thematic asset classes.

    Account TypesRetail Account, Professional Account, Islamic Account, Corporate Account
    Supported AssetsStocks, Cryptocurrencies, ETFs, Commodities, Indices, Currencies
    ToolsSocial Trading, CopyPortfolios, Advanced Charting, Economic Calendar, News and Analysis, Risk Management
    Fees & Charges$10 Minimum Deposit, $10 Inactivity Fee, $5 Withdrawal Fee, $10 Account Closure Fee
    Mobile TradingSupported
    Overall Rating4.5★

    Sarwa – The Best Online Broker in the UAE/Dubai that Offers Full-Service Stock Trading

    It would only be a complete list of the best online brokers in the UAE with Sarwa, the best digital investment advisory platform and online brokerage based in Dubai, UAE. The company strives to promote investing as an accessible and affordable tool for everyone by providing various trading instruments and resources.

    Sarwa composes diversified investment portfolios for clients by combining its in-house platform that creates automated investment advice and real human expertise. With Sarwa Trade, investors can buy stocks with no commissions, local transfer fees, or account minimums.

    Sarwa’s refined trading features, including simple sign-ups, auto-depositing, reinvesting dividends, smart rebalancing, tax optimization, and human advisors, make this online broker a unique choice on the UAE market. Sarwa is among the safest options, as the Financial Service Regulatory Authority and Dubai Financial Services Authority regulate it. Furthermore, the company incorporates first-class safety measures, with SSL encryption and bank-level security.

    Account TypesPersonal Investment Account, Joint Investment Account, Corporate Investment Account, IRA Account
    Supported AssetsETFs, Individual Stocks, Mutual Funds, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Bonds
    ToolsPortfolio Builder, Auto-Investing, Portfolio Rebalancing, Tax Optimization, Performance Tracking, Financial Planning
    Fees & Charges$5 Minimum Deposit, No Inactivity Fee, 0.5% – 0.85% Administration Fee
    Mobile TradingSupported
    Overall Rating4.7★

    Key Features to Consider When Choosing the Best Online Broker in UAE

    Nowadays, the trading platforms market is overloaded with companies offering different services and features. This variety creates confusion among traders, making it harder for them to make an informed decision. That is why below we have presented vital characteristics you need to consider when choosing the right broker for you.

    Account Types 

    By being presented with more account types, you will have more flexibility and options to save money from taxes and other trading-related costs. Generally, different accounts have diverse fee structures, give access to promotions and discounts, and give special perks and features to traders.

    Supported Assets and Investment Options 

    With brokers offering a comprehensive selection of supported assets, more traders will join the markets and invest in the financial instruments they are passionate about. In the long run, this may lead to the possibility of an industry or sector exploding, and bringing value to investors.

    Tools Offered

    The more practical tools an online broker has to offer, the more control over your investments you will have, considering you have the skills and knowledge to utilize the instruments. Trading platforms give access to tutorials and guides, which are fantastic for helping you learn how to make the best out of trading software.

    Trading Interface

    Less complicated and more transparent services lead to more satisfied customers. An easily manageable interface improves customer satisfaction tremendously, as we can all agree that nothing is more annoying than having to deal with outdated and complicated applications or platforms.

    Fees & Charges 

    More affordable rates and charges can increase traders’ long-term earning potential in several ways. By offering reasonable expenses, online brokers lower transaction costs and offer investors more trading opportunities, leading to higher returns. It is important to note that investing in digital assets is a risky approach that may lead to the loss of all your capital, so always invest as much money as you can afford to lose.

    Mobile Trading

    Mobile apps give you access to trading insights, order placement opportunities, and engaging news and educational resources all in one place. These essential features will keep you constantly involved with current market conditions and make you a more knowledgeable trader.

    Customer Support

    Having the opportunity to contact a customer service representative will help you rade confidently, knowing you have someone to back you up anytime. Most companies have agents available 24/7 on all lines, including chat, email, and via phone, so you will always have someone to turn to if a problem emerges.

    Comparison Between the Best Online Brokers in the UAE for 2023

    Choosing the best online broker for your trading activities is vital to get the most out of your deals and not losing opportunities. That is why we recommend you go through the table below, which will help you weigh the trade-offs for each online broker in our review:

    Online Brokers:Pros:Cons:
    Interactive BrokersGlobal Market Access
    Powerful Trading Platforms
    Globally Trusted Online Broker
    On-Demand Educational Resources
    Complex Trading Platform
    Suitable Mainly for More Advanced Traders
    Capital.comOutstanding Learning Resources, Market Analysis and News
    Trusted Broker with Reputable Partners
    Negative Balance Protection
    Advanced Trading Tools
    Limited Account Types Compared to Other Brokers
    Not Available Worldwide
    eToroCopy Trading and Smart Portfolios
    Trusted and Secure Online Broker
    Amazing eToro Community of Traders
    Beginner-Friendly Trading Platform
    Customer Service Experience is not Great
    Not the Best for Advanced Traders
    AvaTradeImplementation of WebTrader, MetaTrader 4, and MetraTrader 5
    Regulated Accross 9 Jurisdictions
    Complete Trading eBooks and Video Tutorials
    Large variety of CFD instruments
    High Inactivity Fee
    No Social Trading Feature
    SarwaLicensed by the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)
    Backed by Leaders in the Financial Industry
    Automated Investment Strategy
    Support for Multiple Digital Assets
    Lack of Customization Features
    Not the Best Broker for Trading ETFs


    The online brokerage industry in the UAE is rapidly expanding, offering traders a diverse range of options to access global markets and trade various assets. By utilizing the services of regulated online brokers, traders can enjoy the benefits of advanced trading platforms and high-quality educational resources. Our complete guide has highlighted the best online brokers in the UAE for 2023, including IBKR,, eToro, AvaTrade, and Sarwa. By considering the essential brokerage features that we have covered, such as supported assets and fees and charges, traders can make informed decisions and execute trades confidently.


    Which are the best online brokers in the UAE right now?

    Numerous online brokers in the UAE offer access to the most popular trading instruments and markets worldwide. Currently, the best and most flexible trading platforms for traders in Dubai/UAE are IBKR,, eToro, AvaTrade, and Sarwa.

    Which online broker in the UAE has the lowest fees?

    Unsurprisingly, the Dubai-based digital investment management firm Sarwa has the lowest trading fees for clients based in the UAE.

    Which online broker in the UAE is the best for beginner traders?

    The famous online broker eToro available on the UAE market has gathered a community of over 30+ million investors for a reason. Its transparent and straightforward tools and services make the platform a perfect fit for beginner traders.

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