INTEL CORPORATION – (NASDAQ: INTC) Stock forecast 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025 – 2030

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Many think buying stocks and shares is the greatest way to protect their money, but this is only true if they purchase the proper ones. Therefore, it is essential to know the potential ups and downs the stocks may experience over time.

Although it is difficult to predict an asset’s future value with 100% accuracy, we may utilize a variety of statistical approaches and techniques to make a solid projection for the years to come. Please continue reading to learn more about Intel Corporation Stock’s outlook.


The headquarters of the American technology business Intel Corporation are in California. According to revenue, this company is the biggest semiconductor chip maker in the world. It is one of those responsible for creating the x86 instruction sets, which are the ones used by most computers. From the 2007 through 2016 fiscal years, Intel, a Delaware-incorporated company, got the 45th spot on the list of the biggest American firms by total revenue.

Intel works for many other companies in the tech field. This company also manufactures numerous computer and communication-related devices in addition to embedded processors, graphics chips, flash memory, network interface controllers, and motherboard chipsets.

Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce, two pioneers in the semiconductor business, founded Intel on July 18th, 1968, under Andrew Grove’s managerial supervision and vision. Since then, Intel has substantially contributed to Silicon Valley’s growth as a center for high-tech businesses. One of the leading creators of Intel’s technology was Noyce. Intel developed two types of memory chips early on, which constituted most of the company’s sales until 1981. Even though Intel created the world’s first widespread flash memory chip in 1971, it only made this its main business once the computer became widely used.

In the 1990s, the computer industry grew swiftly, and Intel heavily invested in innovative microprocessor designs. Intel became known as the top supplier of PC microprocessors at this time. Especially while competing with Advanced Micro Devices, it was well-known for utilizing confrontational and assertive tactics to preserve its market dominance. Microsoft and Intel fought over who would determine the path of the computer market.

27 Wall Street analysts that follow (NASDAQ: INTC) stock have agreed that INTC shares should be sold.

Out of 27 analysts, none of them recommend Intel as a Strong Buy, four recommend it as a Buy, 14 recommend it as a Hold, two recommend it as a Sell, and seven recommend it as a Strong Sell.

INTEL CORPORATION Stock forecast 2022

Do you intend to purchase Intel stock in 2022? You must know how the pricing will alter throughout the year’s remaining months. If you are a short-term trader, this will especially assist you in determining whether it is a worthwhile buy. Additionally, it will help you correctly time your actions to raise your chances of a profit.

The forecast for INTC in April 2022 is for the stock to begin at $48.328, hit a high of $49.331, and close at $48.902. The stock is anticipated to start trading at $48.720 and end the month at $48.512. Moreover, the stock is expected to sell at a minimum price of $48.025 and a top price of $48,763.

In addition, the Intel stock price is anticipated to start at $48.516 and end at $47.567 in June 2022. This month, $47.559 and $48.660 are anticipated to be the minimum and highest costs. Most likely, INTC will begin trading at $47.509 and end at $47.603. It is anticipated that the costs would range between $447.509 and $48.182.

Our prediction indicates that Intel stock will start trading at $51.340 and end the day at $56.691 in August 2022. The projected minimum and maximum prices for the stock for the month are $46.458 and $47.356, respectively. In September, it’s expected that INTC will start at $56.693 and end at $57.030. The projected minimum and maximum stock prices are $46.646 and $47.101, respectively.

Moreover, the stock price of Intel is anticipated to start at $57.041 and end at $57.155 in October 2022. The lowest and maximum prices for the month are anticipated to be $56.985 and $57.161, respectively. Then, the stock will begin trading at $58.276 and end the day at $58.542 in November. It is anticipated that the costs would range between $57.214 and $57.550.

Intel stock’s expected opening and closing prices in December 2022 are $61.556 and $67.897, respectively. The least estimated cost of the stock is $57.523, while the highest price is expected to be somewhere around $69.925 per share.

INTEL CORPORATION Stock forecast 2023

2023 will be a considerably better year for Intel stocks because 2022 is not expected to be a remarkable year for Intel stocks. It’s anticipated that any decisions Intel makes in 2022 will significantly increase the value of its shares the following year.

According to our forecast for Intel’s stock price in 2023, INTC is expected to start at $67.75 and end at $76.54. The stock should trade for a minimum of $66.89 in 2023, while a maximum price of around $77.34 is predicted.

INTEL CORPORATION Stock forecast 2024

The successful performance in 2023 may have the same results in 2024. Intel’s robust marketing strategies, which are already well-known, will continue to benefit sales growth and market supremacy.

Regarding the price of Intel stock in 2024, our pricing analysis predicts that it will start at $75.97 and end at $82.85. It is anticipated that INTC will trade for a minimum of $71.37 and a maximum of up to $84.50 a share.

INTEL CORPORATION Stock forecast 2025

Intel is the leading producer of commercial microprocessors, as was said in the introduction. Currently, it continues to be the market leader, supplying computer system makers and other clients with microprocessors and several other devices. In 2025, it is anticipated to retain its market domination, which might significantly affect the price of its shares.

Our Intel stock price prognosis for 2025 indicates that the INTC stock is expected to start at $83.00 and end at $86.85. The stock is predicted to sell for a minimum of $78.23 in 2025 and a top of around $95.48.

Long-term INTEL CORPORATION forecast 2030

This article’s projection for the stock price of Intel ends in 2030. We think Intel has adequate time—eight solid years—to make even more significant advancements. In eight years, the firm will undoubtedly expand, and the price of its shares is likely to rise dramatically.

Our forecast for the price of Intel stock in 2030 is that the cost of INTC will start at $127.50 and end at $137.96. The stock is anticipated to trade for a minimum of $115.74 in 2030 and a maximum price of around $139.85 per share.


On October 13th, 1971, Intel held its first public offering. The corporation charged $23.50 per share to sell its stock to the general public. This stock’s IPO price is $0.02 per share after accounting for the 13 stock splits that have taken place. We shall use Yahoo Finance’s statistics in this section. Yahoo Finance began keeping track of the stock price in 1985. It’s vital to remember that on July 1st, 1983, there was an initial 2:1 stock split.

INTC began trading on January 1st, 1985, at $0.58 and ended the day at $0.64. The following stock split took place on October 29th, 1987. Then, the stock began trading at $0.81 and ended the day at $0.67 on November 1st, 1987. The price of Intel shares on March 1st, 1988, ranged from $0.88 to $1.02 before closing at $0.92. It started at $1.09 and ended at $1.08 on December 1st, 1989.

The price of Intel stock on June 1st, 1990, fluctuated between $1.51 and $1.47. It started at $1.27 and ended at $1.53 on December 1st, 1991. INTC began trading at $3.47 on June 1st and ended the day at $3.44. The shares split again by 2:1 on June 7th, 1993.

Our research of the INTC pricing revealed that the price of Intel stock is expected to change throughout the ensuing months. The stock’s highest price will be $48.66 in June 2022. The stock is predicted to rise to its highest price of $69.927

INTEL CORPORATION Prediction Conclusion

You can see from everything we’ve discussed so far that Intel is a great business with a promising future. It has made significant progress and earned a spot among manufacturers of computers and communication equipment. Additionally, it can expand and develop into a long-term leader in the sector. So, should you buy its stock or other high-quality stocks?

What about Intel stock in 2022? It is worthwhile to purchase Intel (INTC) stock, given how it has historically fared. Even though the stock has previously gone through a number of negative trends, things have changed for the better over time. By hanging onto their shares throughout good times and bad, some of the original investors must have generated considerable gains.

There are many good reasons to buy Intel stock if our projection of its price is correct. Our forecasts indicate that INTC’s price will increase during the following years. Your prospects of earning a solid return in the future will increase if you invest now when the price is still adequately valued.

Before we continue, it is crucial to note that trading equities has a certain risk because, like other equities, the price of Intel stock (INTC) fluctuates. The price will continue to fluctuate in the upcoming days, months, and years. Although there is a danger you might lose money when trading this asset, INTC offers far better odds of success.


Now that we’ve gone through our Intel forecast, you probably have some questions that need to be answered before committing to this stock, as it is crucial for traders to understand all the benefits of a particular asset before purchasing it. Therefore, we gathered the following list of frequently asked questions, which is meant to solve all your doubts.

What Guidance Has Intel Issued on Next quarter’s Earnings?

On Thursday, November 3rd, Intel increased its profit forecast for the fourth quarter of 2022. In contrast to the average expectation of $0.66 for earnings per share, the business offered EPS guidance of $0.20 to $0.20 for the quarter. In comparison to the average revenue forecast of $16.27 billion, the company provided revenue guidance of between $14 and $15 billion.

Is It True That Intel Investors Are Shorting It?

During October, Intel experienced a rise in short-term interest. By the end of October, there were 71,740,000 shares comprising 71,740,000 shares of short interest, up 6.7% from 67,240,000 shares on October 15th. Its short-interest ratio is currently 1.7 days based on an average trading volume of 41,810,000 shares.

When Should We Expect Intel to Pay Dividends? What Is Its Dividend Yield?

You should be aware that the quarterly dividend for Intel was announced in mid-September. However, by the beginning of December, dividends of $0.365 per share will be paid to shareholders of record as of Monday, November 7th. This amounts to a quarterly yield of 4.96% and an annualized dividend of $1.46.

Can Intel Be Trusted as a Dividend Stock?

In order to answer this question, we must provide some data. The current dividend yield for Intel is 4.92%, and the company yields a yearly dividend of $1.46 per share. INTC is a top dividend payer since its dividend yield exceeds 75% of all competitor companies. During the last eight years, the corporation has increased its dividend, demonstrating a recent but rising commitment to doing so. The payout proportion for dividends is 44.92%. This payout percentage is under 75%, which is a good, sustainable amount. INTC will have a dividend payout percentage of 76.04% in the upcoming year based on expected EPS. This suggests that the business might need help to continue paying its present dividend.

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