What is the legitimacy of this trading platform? 【2022】

Account Options:

  • Suited for all levels of experience 
  • Sophisticated strategies 
  • Easy setup 

While there are many advantages associated with BITPRIME GOLD, it does not mean that this trading bot is foul-proof and that you should thus invest all your investment capital into cryptocurrency. Here’s what you need to know.


  • Offers a level of convenience that cannot be achieved with traditional trading methods.
  • Operates 24/7 and executes all necessary functions when needed.
  • Faster and more efficient trades, as opposed to manual trading.
  • Parameters are very easy to set up.
  • Investing is made simple and doesn’t require extensive research.


  • Due to trading in a highly volatile market, BITPRIME GOLD needs to be monitored regularly.
  • A strong, consistent internet connection is needed.
  • BITPRIME GOLD only works with a limited number of digital exchanges, and you need to determine if the currency you want to trade in is supported by one of its exchanges.
  • Results are unpredictable, even with parameters.
  • Setting parameters can be time-consuming.


The cryptocurrency market is open for business all day, every day. Unfortunately, due to the volatility in the market, traders and even some casual investors, often find themselves in very stressful scenarios. As a result, those who are familiar with the stresses of crypto investment are probably on the lookout for a good crypto trading bot that will help them be responsible for and stay in control of their trading, even while they are asleep, and who isn’t intrigued by the idea of potentially making money while you are asleep? 

This innovative development has led to a skyrocketing availability of trading bots in the world of investing, challenging traders from all walks of life to ascertain which of them work as they intend to and which are a complete waste of time. In an attempt to make this decision easier, this review takes a look at the ins and outs of a crypto trading bot called BITPRIME GOLD in hopes of helping you determine whether or not it may be a potentially useful tool concerning you and your finances. 


The apprehension surrounding using a trading bot such as BITPRIME GOLD stems from the crypto market being plagued with scams. More so, there is a lack of regulation, and traders often have no form of retaliation concerning the law when using trading bots. Out of the many trading bots available, BITPRIME GOLD is one of the select few that have legitimate software for the proper assessment of risks and opportunities. It is important to understand that while BITPRIME GOLD is simply a piece of software and does not guarantee profits, that in particular does not take away from its legitimacy. 


As you may have already established, automated and emotionless trading is capable of having an impact on your results when it comes to crypto trading. BITPRIME GOLD, in simple terms, is a semi-automated bot that allows traders to make better financial decisions using more intelligent trades that are based on trading approaches and external signals that have been algorithmically programmed. Thus, by using BITPRIME GOLD, you are better equipped to make more educated trades and remove any emotion that may result in increased losses. However, during periods of high market volatility, BITPRIME GOLD may quickly become less useful. 


BITPRIME GOLD is an easy-to-use platform that has been developed for traders. Creating an BITPRIME GOLD account is an extremely easy process and takes all of two steps; one will normally find the signup tab located somewhere on the main page. 

Create an Account 

Using your desktop or mobile device, visit the BITPRIME GOLD webpage and enter any details that are required. This is basic user information and it will be your name, username, email address, and password, which will be needed for registration. 

You will then be required to verify your account through the verification link sent to your email, which will also help you re-access the dashboard. 

Account Setup 

From here, you will now need to decide on an exchange and configure the trading bot using your chosen exchange platforms’ API keys. Once completed, you should immediately be able to begin using your account and also gain access to an array of features available on your dashboard. You can now subscribe to signals, configure templates, set up two-factor authentication, and start back-testing your bot. 

Once everything is set up, and you are familiar with the platform, BITPRIME GOLD gets to work. BITPRIME GOLD works by analyzing data, predicting potential risk, and selling assets as per its calculations. Moreover,  BITPRIME GOLD watches the market by connecting to an exchange and trades when required market conditions are met or when a certain event takes place, such as a change in price. Once an event has been detected by BITPRIME GOLD, the trader will be signaled to take action. BITPRIME GOLD even goes as far as to take into account historical data in order to make more accurate decisions.

As much as BITPRIME GOLD can help its users, you are still required to decide when to buy or when to sell, meaning that you still need to be involved and actively contribute the time, effort, and knowledge necessary to have success in the crypto trading industry.  


BITPRIME GOLD is loaded with tools and features in hopes of making trading more straightforward for investors of all skill levels. When considering whether BITPRIME GOLD is a viable trading bot, one should consider the following features:

User Experience 

BITPRIME GOLD caters to all traders, casual traders, and anyone in-between. By focusing on app usability in the form of an intuitive, user-friendly interface and strategy development with a step-by-step guide, BITPRIME GOLD has created a platform that allows everyone the opportunity to compete with professional algorithmic traders and hedge funds. A user can choose to create a plan or simply use an already existing template. Regardless of what they decide, they are still creating a strategy for their personal preference. 


BITPRIME GOLD’s semi-automated trading takes place using API integration in combination with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Its service can be operated on all devices including laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones for as long as the device has a stable internet connection.

Tool Range 

Fortunately, BITPRIME GOLD provides its users with a decent range of tools for trading, in addition to other features, such as configurable and savable templates, a bot back-testing tool, technical indicators that are customizable, and trailing stops. 

Exchange Integration 

Currently, BITPRIME GOLD is compatible with multiple exchanges, and more are expected to enter the platform soon. Users provide APIs from their exchange accounts, which is a unique sequence of random characters for every crypto exchange and every user. 


A user is able to assess BITPRIME GOLD’s performance in a dashboard that reviews their balance as well as their profit dynamics. Crypto prices and other relevant info, like trending news, are also on display. 


BITPRIME GOLD provides users with the option of turning off the bot during preset intervals. This way, users can protect themselves when market changes are expected due to new legislation or simply when they are not able to monitor the bot every now and then. 


An essential is the back-test feature, as it ensures that BITPRIME GOLD is working as intended by completing test trades using historical data. Back-testing also allows traders to watch how things would’ve played out by stimulating market conditions.  


BITPRIME GOLD would cease to exist if notifications were absent. Traders need to get updates about major trading events in order to monitor their bots. If notifications arrive too late, BITPRIME GOLD can be exposed to sudden downturns. 


When depositing funds into BITPRIME GOLD, tunneling technology secures any connections between the intermediary and the cryptocurrency exchange. The same goes for BITPRIME GOLD’s mobile application, which is entrusted with the abovementioned high-security protocol that keeps any user information strictly confidential. 

BITPRIME GOLD does not obtain any withdrawal rights, and in the event of a data breach or hack, scammers will not be able to access your funds directly. To further secure users’ accounts, two-factor authentication can also be set up on both the app and web-based platforms. FaceID and TouchID are minimal security options featured on BITPRIME GOLD’s app. 

To further put your mind to rest, BITPRIME GOLD does not require its users to deposit any amount of money into an account that is controlled by the developers of the trading bot. BITPRIME GOLD works by using an API that will allow for the execution of trades on its linked exchanges. It is a necessary requirement for users to provide the generated API keys found on their preferred exchanges, giving BITPRIME GOLD controlled access to your account for trading reasons. 

It can, therefore, be said that the security and safety of BITPRIME GOLD’s website and accompanying mobile application has been tested, and users can trust that everything is safe and secure. 

BITPRIME GOLD Pricing and Fees 

In terms of fees and pricing, BITPRIME GOLD allows its members to make use of a free trial. In this case, users can simply sign up and begin using the service without needing to submit any payment details yet. However, when the trial ends, BITPRIME GOLD is automatically disabled, and users can then opt to purchase a full subscription; there are three main pricing plans from which its members can choose. While all three plans provide its users with access to all exchanges, indicators, as well as an unlimited number of positions, it is the specific plan purchased that will dictate the number of bots and strategies a user can have active at a given time. 

Users are given the option to pay either monthly or for a year upfront; however, it is important to remember that no refunds are provided by BITPRIME GOLD, which is why traders need to take advantage of the free trial before they decide to commit to any subscription. 


One can explore the world of crypto using BITPRIME GOLD as their primary application. Additional highlights that can be found when users choose to trade with BITPRIME GOLD are listed below: 

Type of RobotCryptocurrencies and CFDs 
Software CostBased on Subscription Plan 
Withdrawal Fees No Fees 
Type of Platform Desktop and Mobile Compatible 
Deposit Options Credit Card, PayPal, Wire Transfer 


The bottom line is that BITPRIME GOLD is an application more than worthy of this positive review as it has been created to provide a trading group with a viable resolution that helps traders do what they do best, trade regularly. 

With its all-around user-friendliness, inclusive list of features, and support for multiple cryptocurrencies and exchanges, BITPRIME GOLD has so much going for it and really sets itself apart from any other competing crypto trading bot. 

In regard to the above, and the market for cryptocurrency picking up, more so than ever before, traders can look at BITPRIME GOLD as an option they can benefit from when selecting their desired cryptocurrency trading platform. It is very well designed, easy to use, and has developed an outstanding reputation amongst the trading community, and as a result, it is recommended that you check BITPRIME GOLD out.